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'2 Broke Girls' Bestie-cap: The Gals Fight Cronuts With Cake Fries

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In the "And the Cronuts" episode of "2 Broke Girls," Caroline and Max learn another danger to keeping a business afloat: tough competition. When a new trendy concoction blows up online and in their neighborhood, they decide to fight frosting with frosting.

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Best Customer Putdown

Caroline has noticed a disturbing trend. No one seems to want Max's homemade cupcakes, including their dependable bulimic customer. "If I save these for her," Caroline wonders, looking at three leftover red velvet cupcakes, "Would I be helping or hurting?" She decides to save two and give one away as free promotion.

Two customers decked out in floral dresses and hats stun Caroline by declining her offer. They're "saving their calories" for the latest SoHo trend, a croissant-donut hybrid. It's all about the cronut, Caroline's told, with one of the flower power gals drawling, "Cupcakes are so over."

"Well," Caroline huffs, "so is 'Blossom' but ... it didn't stop you from wearing that outfit."

Best Dramatic Entrance

The gals are lamenting this latest pastry craze when Sophie bursts in to the diner. She's dressed like a red velvet cupcake, but announces she's just snagged a cronut. "I waited in line for two whole days!" she shouts cheerfully. She even whips out her jeweled animal phone and shows Max and Caroline all the photos of her cronut excursion. We're guessing the pics have Polish social media buzzing."You know I'm always on trend," Sophie explains. This is the same explanation she has for her second dramatic diner entrance, when she brings a girlfriend and announces she's bisexual. A mesh-shirted Oleg is understandably crushed that this trend didn't happen when he and Sophie were still an item.

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Best Han Diss

No episode of "2 Broke Girls" is complete without a barrage of insults headed Han's way, and this week he gets pummeled for jumping on the "cleanse" bandwagon. He claims the results are already giving him a chiseled "two-pack," but Earl isn't impressed. "The real Tupac is more alive than your two-pack," he scoffs.

Bestie Adventure

Max and Caroline decide to see what the cronut craze is all about, and get in line at the SoHo bakery. They talk to couples like Geri and Gary, who see any new trend and "are on it like sea salt on dark chocolate." Quizzing another cronut customer for their "trend research," they're told, "I like croissants, I like donuts, I'm a fat guy, it all adds up."

The gals decide they'll jump start their own business with some black market cronuts to draw the crowds. Which leads us to our next category...

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Good Cop, Best Innuendo

The shady dude selling contraband cronuts on Craigslist urges the cupcake girls to pay up fast. "You're not the only girls in town who want my nuts." Turns out he's actually being literal, since in addition to selling pilfered pastries, he's also a male prostitute. This results in that awkward moment when Caroline asks a gigolo to "show us the product."

Once they settle that they're only interested in the cronuts, it's time to haggle. Caroline tries to bid low and reach a compromise on price, but high demand has made the seller greedy. It's time for "Bad Cop" Max, who grabs the boy toy by the collar and throws him up against the wall. Her cold hands and icy threats save them $100. "It was like 'SVU — Bakery Edition'!" Caroline enthuses.

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Best Invention

Unfortunately, the cronuts don't help sell cupcakes. Once they sell out of the latest craze, the line moves on. But when Max stress eats by dipping French fries in frosting, Caroline realizes they have their own genius combo idea. "My willingness to eat anything finally pays off!" Max cheers.

Their diner focus group approves. Han can't control the sudden craving to stuff his face with cake fries. "Look away girls," he warns, "You've released the Kraken!" The girls know they've truly made it, though, when a depressed girl asks them to take a happy-faced picture of her with her trendy new cake fries. It's their first "sell-out" day, and Max wants to buy a helicopter.

Best BFF Moment

With their brilliant combo idea, the girls are now $500 richer. Caroline tells Max that whatever the trends are, they'll always have the two most important things going for them: each other. Awww!

"2 Broke Girls" airs Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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