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'The Originals' Battle-cap: Elijah Teams Up With Davina the Teenage Witch

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Daniella Pineda as Sophie and Joseph Morgan as Klaus in "The Originals"

The team lines get blurrier every week on "The Originals." Our favorite vampire family gets their eyes opened to a whole new truth about the witches, and the alliances are definitely going to shift. The return of Father Kieran also means the humans might have finally earned a few points in the game.

Team Originals Learns the Truth About Davina

Elijah uses his soothing voice and polite charm to get Davina to reveal her backstory, while Klaus and Rebekah use a mixture of threats and conniving on Sophie and Marcel to fill in the gaps. They learn that Davina was one of four girls chosen for the Harvest, a major witch ritual that happens only once every 300 years or so.

The four novice witches were told they would make a small blood sacrifice, fall asleep, and be resurrected for the Reaping. The ritual was an offering to the ancestors, who would return the favor by allowing the living witches continued access to their power.

The little part they left out was that the four young women were actually getting their throats slashed. As each girl died, her power passed to the next. When Davina was rescued, she still had the power of her three dead friends.

Team Davina

Davina plans to hide and wait until the Reaping has passed. Because she has been lied to before, Davina doesn't believe the Resurrection will happen, so she's decided to play it safe. Without her death, the ritual can't be completed, and every witch will lose her power. She's relieved, because her magnified strength is often out of her control and causes harm to those she cares about.

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Team Human

New Orleans is a small town after all. The church Davina's hiding in is run by Father Kieran, whose nephew committed the murder-suicide in the seminary. Prompted by Sophie, Father Kieran forbade the witches from performing the Harvest. Klaus now knows the witches put a hex on Kieran's nephew to distract him from interfering in their business. Cami might get some vengeance after all.

Team Marcel

Father Kieran left town after his nephew's death, but he asked Marcel to stop the Harvest. The noble vampire was late, however, managing to save only Davina. We realize now why the powerful teenager is willing to help her savior do harm to the other witches.

Marcel decides it's time to relocate her, but he falls for Davina's fake freak-out and lets her stay in her not-so-secret attic. She cuts a deal with Elijah: She frees him, and he promises to return with his mother's spell books to help her control her mad witching skills.

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Then Father Kieran threatens Marcel with breaking that whole friendly human-vampire bond the town has going. His immediate request is that the vampire stay away from his niece. Marcel scoffs at something so inconsequential, until he finds out it's Cami. Ouch.

Team Werewolf

Sophie insists on going to the bayou to perform the death ritual on the slain witches. Hayley tags along with Rebekah to look for clues, and they find wolf prints. Marcel supposedly drove all the wolves out to the bayou, so Hayley might end up finding some wolf family ties after all.

Hayley also gets her handsome protector Elijah back. The air is buzzing with sexual tension when the two meet up again, but she cuts through that by slapping Lij across the face. "Don't make promises you can't keep," she chastises. Luckily for her, the vampire seems to like it. Rowr.

Winner: Team Sophie

The witch team took heavy losses in its attempt to kill Hayley, whose baby the team believes could bring death to all witches. But Sophie has plans of her own, and so far it's been working. It turns out that one of the harvested witches was her niece Monique. Her sister Jane-Anne sacrificed herself to help Sophie lure the Originals back and use them to find Davina.

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She plans to complete the ritual and get Monique resurrected, and as Elijah notes, someone fighting for their family makes for a very powerful enemy. Knowledge is also power, so we expect Team Originals to look for ways to fight back. But Sophie's magical bonding to Hayley was a very clever checkmate that will be tough to beat.

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"The Originals" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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