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'The Originals' Battle-cap: Klaus's War With Marcel Distracts Him from the Witches' Latest Plot

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Danielle Campbell as Davina and Joseph Morgan as Klaus in "The Originals"

This week on "The Originals," Klaus kicks his evil plotting into overdrive, while Marcel struggles to juggle all of his royal responsibilities. The tug of war between the two vampires keeps them distracted, leaving room for the other supernatural teams to make their move.

Team Originals: And Then There Were Three

Elijah's back! Rebekah does some old-fashioned detective work with the little bits she remembers of Davina's attic home, and eventually finds herself in a blood-stained church where a massacre of seminary students once took place. She's unable to get through the upstairs doorway, but Elijah greets her in a vision, telling her his plans to stay put while he gets close to the powerful teenage witch.

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Rebekah is thrilled to learn that Davina made a mistake by briefly un-staking her brother, not realizing she'd just set him free. Elijah's hoping he can negotiate an end to the war between witches and vampires. He makes Rebekah promise to protect Hayley, and he'll take care of the rest.

Team Marcel

The King's crown is getting heavy. It's tough raising a teenager in a creepy attic, especially when she starts boiling your blood with her brain because you won't let her attend a music festival. Marcel decides that letting her go, chaperoned by Cami and his minions, is the best way to keep the balance of power where it is.

Thierry's "garden" sentence hasn't gone over well within the ranks, and soon Marcel is snapping necks just to keep his guys in line. They're not that interested in keeping an eye on the boss man's human flirtation and her teen "friend," though, which leaves Marcel's secret weapon open to his enemies.

Team Klaus

Klaus turns Cami into his own personal puppet, compelling her to sneak Davina away from Marcel at the festival. She helps the girl secretly meet Tim, a handsome violin player Davina attended school with in happier times.

Klaus then tries to lure Davina to his side by promising her both freedom and protection. When she doesn't go for it, he tosses Tim off a balcony. It's the perfect blackmail: He heals Tim now, she owes him a favor later.

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Team Humans

While other people are partying at the festival, Cami's stuck in the creepy church, reliving her horrible past. Turns out the perpetrator of that grisly murder/suicide was her twin brother, and she's been determined to find out how or why he "snapped." She tells Klaus she doesn't believe in evil, just that good people get driven to make horrible choices.

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Joseph Morgan as Klaus and Leah Pipes as Cami in 'The Originals' Season 1 episode, 'Girl in New Orleans.'

Klaus responds to her positive outlook, and despite her vehement protests, decides to compel her to forget her quest to find the truth about her brother. His motives are partly selfish, but there seems to be true compassion as well. He swears that he's trying to "honor" his own brother with all his plans, and he gets emotional as he promises to help her honor hers. He'll find out if her brother was compelled, and get her the justice she deserves.

Then Klaus compels her to move on with her life. He tearfully tells her to sleep well that night and dream of a "better world," where people always want to do good things. Once again, Evil Klaus manages to make us cry.

Team Witches

Like Marcel's crew, the witches have dissension in the ranks. Agnes convinces Hayley to see a doctor way out in the bayou, where she can get proper care in secret. It's a trap, however, and soon Hayley is climbing out a window and running from a crowd of witches intent on killing her and her baby. We're guessing Sophie won't approve.

Winner: Team Werewolves

Rebekah tracks Hayley down and tries to help, but they're both felled by arrows to the chest. Our failed heroine wakes up next to a row of shredded bodies, with no Hayley in sight. When Klaus finds out, he's ready to murder every witch in New Orleans, but soon Hayley is stumbling out of the shadows into his arms. She's exhausted, but all her wounds are healed — apparently the baby has the same miracle blood as Klaus.

It's not clear how she survived, but she thinks the wolf she's been seeing in the woods protected her. Despite her ordeal, we have to give Hayley the win this week. After all, she's got three Original vampires, half a coven of witches, a miracle baby, and at least one big wolf in the woods working to protect her. Sure, they have some terrifying quirks, but she's finally part of a big family.

"The Originals" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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