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'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: Elena and Stefan Relive Their Romance

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Candice Accola as Caroline and Paul Wesley as Stefan in "The Vampire Diaries"

Here's the thing about a walk down memory lane: When the journey ended in a fiery, painful crash, maybe that walk isn't such a good idea.

With Stefan now an amnesiac, Elena tries to jog his memories by taking him around to places important to their relationship — where they first met, the bridge where she had her two accidents. But the problem with this nostalgia tour is that they're no longer together. She broke his heart and took up with his brother.

So, why would Stefan want to remember all that — so he can just feel the pain and loneliness all over again? No, thank you, ma'am. Maybe a blank slate is exactly what Stefan needs to move on.

Check out statuses on all the relationships in Mystic Falls in our shipper-cap!

Elena and Stefan

Status: Attracted, but still oceans apart

Elena and crew are frantically trying to contact Bonnie to help them retrieve Stefan's memory, but in the meantime, they try to help him remember by giving him his old diaries to read. When that doesn't really work, Elena takes him to the place where they first met — high school! There, Stefan guesses that the two of them used to date. So, what happened? She gives him the whole "it's not you, it's me" speech and then takes him to the bridge.

While the nostalgia tour isn't working on Stefan, it seems to be doing something to Elena. Is recollecting her early days with Stefan stirring up old feelings? Just when Stefan moves in for a kiss though, Elena backs off and tells him she's with Damon. He's pissed and vanishes.

Elena and Damon

Status: Solid

While Elena is showing Stefan the highlight reel of their relationship, Damon learns devastating news from Jeremy: Bonnie is dead. Later, after Stefan disappears, Elena is mad as hell that Bonnie is unreachable to help them. Finally, Damon tells her the truth, and Elena crumples into his arms. Why does this keep happening to her? Damon holds her tight and tries to console her.

Caroline and Stefan

Status: BFFs ... and maybe more?

After Elena's revelation, Stefan heads to Mystic Falls' bell-ringing night to drink some whiskey and maybe some blood, too. Caroline is there with her college friend, Jesse, whom Stefan eyes him like a giant blood bag. Car compels Jesse to hide, but Stef finds him in the crypt and goes straight for the jugular. At first, Stef backs off from ripping Jesse's head off, but then rethinks that. Why should he be good? What's it gotten him? Just as Stefan is about to go in for the kill, Caroline stops him. "You're better than this," she admonishes him.

Later, after Caroline learns about Bonnie's death, Stefan tries to comfort her. In a way, she wishes she didn't have memories like him, so it wouldn't hurt so much. He promises to be there for her, like she's been there for him, and takes her hand.

Caroline and Jesse

Status: Study buddies ... and maybe more?

Seems like Caroline's becoming a science whiz so she can get closer to Dr. Maxfield, that mysterious professor guy. And it just so happens his T.A. is Jesse, so Caroline invites him to study and go to the bell-ringing party. As he quizzes her, Car opens up about how hurt she is that Tyler is MIA, which prompts Jesse to kiss her.

Later, after Caroline tended his wounds and compelled him to forget, Jesse returns to Whitmore, where Dr. Maxfield gives him a check-up. Jesse can't remember much of the night, and Maxfield knows exactly why. And he has detected vampire blood in Jesse's system. That's step one to becoming a new vampire, Maxfield says before performing step two — killing Jesse!

Bonnie and Jeremy

Status: Flirtatious, but separated by death

Do the writers of the show like to devise new ways of making Jeremy go shirtless? Well, neither we nor Bonnie have a problem with that. She and Jer get their flirt on, but then he declares that he wants to tell their friends she's dead. They can't keep lying like this. Bonnie doesn't want to do it, but Jeremy goes ahead and informs Damon, who tells Elena.

Jeremy also tells Matt, who had been hoping Bonnie could help him with his own memory lapses. Without magical aid, Matt relies on technology, setting up a video camera to tape himself. When he wakes up with a big cut on his hand, Matt watches back the tape and discovers that he has a "passenger" inside him, and that if he doesn't protect that mysterious dagger, his throat will get cut, too.

Caroline and Tyler

Status: Together again

The friends all gather for Bonnie's funeral, with each leaving a special memento on a tree trunk. Jeremy speaks for Bonnie, saying that she's been there the whole time. She also encourages Elena to return to school, then comforts Caroline about the "missing piece" in her life. But that missing piece is missing no more! Tyler shows up, white rose in hand. Caroline runs sobbing into his arms. Now, the friend group is complete (well, sans Stefan) and Bonnie feels at peace about her death.

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"The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.
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