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What's the 'Happy Endings' Cast Up to This Fall?

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Damon Wayans, Jr., Eliza Coupe, Adam Pally, Casey Wilson, Elisha Cuthbert, and Zachary Knighton

Sadly, "Happy Endings" fans did not get a happy ending when ABC canceled the show last June. The smart, quippy comedy never got the big audience it rightly deserved.

But with fall comes a fresh start for the six core cast members who made us LOL week in and week out with their ah-mah-zing wit and charm. Rather than taking a dose of Mexican Nyquil, the stars are venturing forth into new projects.

Find out what are the super six up to now:

Adam Pally

If you were one of the gazillion people who saw "Iron Man 3," you may have missed Pally's turn as a helpful cameraman, since it was a far cry from slobbish Max. Pally is continuing his movie career, with a role in the summer's "The To Do List" and the upcoming comedy "Search Party." But even more exciting, fans will get to see him regularly as a doctor on "The Mindy Project" starting this week!

The "Mindy Project" cast on Pally joining the cast:

Damon Wayans, Jr.

As many comedy fans know, Wayans starred in the "New Girl" pilot, but had to give up the role to continue on "Happy Endings." It all ended up well — his Brad and Coupe's Jane made a memorable and fantastic couple. But now, in a satisfyingly circular fashion, Wayans is reprising his "New Girl" role as Coach this season.

See a clip from the "New Girl" pilot with Wayans: 

Eliza Coupe

Coupe's Type-A Jane was a control freak — but a delightful control freak. In addition to starring in indie film "The Last Time You Had Fun," Coupe is going for more small-screen laughs in Will Arnett's new CBS comedy, "The Millers." She'll play Arnett's ex-wife in a recurring role that begins Oct. 24. And not only that, she'll pop up in the new season of Showtime's "House of Lies" as a wild-child internet business mogul.

Check out a trailer for the "The Millers":

Elisha Cuthbert

As the lovably ditzy Alex, Cuthbert more than answered any critics who thought she was the weak link in the group. She's not set for any projects this fall, but then again, she is a new bride — Cuthbert wed NHL player Dion Phaneuf this past July. Once she gets past the honeymoon stage, we'd love to see her in something. How about as a love interest of Taco on FX's "The League"?

Zachary Knighton

Like his on-screen love interest, Cuthbert, Knighton doesn't have any shows lined up. He appeared on FX's "Wilfred" in June and filmed an indie movie called "Believe Me." But anyone who could make dopey Dave likable should be on TV somewhere. Maybe a guest starring role as an obnoxious local citizen on "Parks and Recreation"?

Knighton talks guesting on "Wilfred":

Casey Wilson

As hapless romantic Penny, Wilson was (arguably) the show's breakout star. And even while "Happy Endings" was on, she was everywhere — appearances on "How I Met Your Mother," "Comedy! Bang! Bang!," and "Drunk History." Upcoming, she has Adult Swim's TV movie "Filthy Sexy Teen$." And in very exciting news, she's signed a development deal with ABC for a potential comedy project.

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See Wilson on a musical episode of "Comedy! Bang! Bang!":

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