The Best and Worst Red Carpet Looks at the Golden Globes — According to a 7-Year-Old


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Photo by: PR PhotosHit: Amy Adams "She looks really pretty. Like a flower, a really pretty red …
My 7-year-old daughter does not know who any of the Golden Globe nominees, winners, or red carpet stars are. The only winning film that she was familiar with was Frozen, and she was SO excited when I told her that they won. American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, and Her - those films and their stars mean nothing to her. But you know what DOES mean something to her? Fashion. She loves, loves, loves fashion, especially when it involves dresses, gowns, and over-the-top fashion statements. On Sunday evening my daughter and I planted ourselves in front of the TV with an array of snacks and critiqued the array of outfits that the stars wore on the Golden Globe red carpet - from Jennifer Lawrence's white Dior frock to Julia Roberts' shirt-under-dress look to Cate Blanchett's black lace number. Check out what my little 7-year-old fashionista in training had to say about the choices the stars made at the Golden Globes right here: -By Sunny Chanel


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