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Found! 11-Year-Old Kate Middleton in 'My Fair Lady' School Play (Sorry, Kate!)

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Long before Kate Middleton was a real-life duchess, she played a wanna-be one in her school play. As a Cockney-accented Eliza Doolittle in a production of “My Fair Lady,” Kate played a down-with-the-people role even back then. The adorable 1:23-minute video, from 1993, emerged Monday and is poised to blow up the Internet.

The footage shows the 11-year-old Middleton starring as the unpolished-to-posh faux duchess, reciting famous lines — “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” —  and receiving lively applause, generally lighting up the scenes with her stage presence. And while no one seems to know where this video has been all our lives or why it’s here now, the consensus is that it’s awesome.

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Other worth-noting details about the short but satisfying clip: Middleton’s co-star in the St. Andrew’s School production was played by Andrew Alexander, who recently appeared as aristocrat Sir John Bullock in “Downton Abbey” (he played poker with Lord Grantham). Also, notes the Daily Mail, the now-duchess, who went on to act in other productions, “is said to have struggled with the Cockney accent at first, but ‘took to being a lady like a duck to water.’” No surprise there.

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