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Jessica Sanchez’s Video With The Idol Princess & The Pea

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Hot on the heels of her announcement that she has joined the cast of "Glee," this year's "American Idol" runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, has released her first music video. Well, technically, the video is by the Black Eyed Peas' Jessica is definitely the star of their collaboration, "Jump In."

While the song apparently isn't set to appear on Jessica's forthcoming debut album (as of this writing, it's a Philippines-only release), the track's frothy, upbeat vibe is similar to that of another pop song that Jessica recently debuted, "Fairytale." This is a good sign. Dancey, effervescent, youthful material like this suits the sweet-16-year-old Jessica so much better than the mature cabaret balladry she mostly stuck to on "Idol."

The Idol princess and the Pea shot the video last month, when the Idols Live Tour made a stop in the Philippines. Like, Jessica is of partial Pinoy heritage, and she already has a sizable Filipino following overseas, where she has reportedly signed on for several endorsement deals.

What do you think of "Jump In"? Do you think this is the right musical direction for Jessica? Let me know.

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