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The Voice, The Day After: Top 6 Results Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night, Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez were eliminated from "The Voice"--and though I predicted as much, that doesn't mean I am happy about it today. Nor is my "The Day After" co-host, Matt Whitfield. But there's probably someone else who's even more bummed than us: Adam Levine, the coach to both Amanda and Melanie. At one time, it looked like a second Team Adam victory was a possibility, but now, with Adam (along with Christina Aguilera) left completely team-less, it's down to just Team Cee Lo and Team Blake in the next two weeks.

Today, Matt and I chat about what the future holds for Amanda and Melanie, and well as the overall future of "The Voice" Season 3. Who will be the final two? Who will ultimately win? Which contestants are we personally rooting for? And will the winner, whoever it is, actually sell records in the real world? Let's discuss.

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