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  • Steve Buscemi’s ‘SNL’ Appearance, According to the ‘SNL’ Sketch Predictor

    taraa at The Set2 yrs ago

    I've been to the future and brought back this sketch-by-sketch rundown of tomorrow's episode of "Saturday Night Live." Or is it just a series of very educated guesses? Read our "SNL" Sketch Predictor and judge for yourself.

    11:29 PM Barney Frank (Fred Armisen) addresses the camera to explain his reasons for retiring from Congress.

    11:34 PM Monologue: Host Steve Buscemi is interrupted by his famously erratic "Boardwalk Empire" co-star ... Michael Shannon (Bill Hader).

    11:39 PM Commercial parody: Lt. John Pike of UC Davis (Bobby Moynihan) runs through unconventional circumstances for which he recommends pepper spray — for instance, to secure a great deal at a Wal-Mart Black Friday sale.

    11:42 PM Brian Williams (Jason Sudeikis) attempts to anchor the "NBC Nightly News" through interruptions including a fire alarm, sprinklers, an earthquake, and several drunken tour group members wandering into the studio.

    11:49 PM Buscemi (as himself) attends a "Big Lebowski" fan convention.

    11:59 PM Digital Short: Andy Samberg offers proof that Steve Buscemi is immortal.

    12:04 AM Two A-Holes (Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig) go out to a karaoke bar.

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  • The Cast of ‘Community’ Thanks Their Fans in Truly Heartwarming Video

    linds at The Set2 yrs ago

    This is a couple of days old (I kind of dismissed the TV Guide stunt before knowing there was a video involved) but even the most critical of "Community" fans will have their ice-cold pragmatic hearts warmed by the true excitement and genuine comfort the recently benched cast of "Community" takes in finding out they're TV Guide's fan favorite show. It takes this "Community" waverer back to those sweet innocent days of March 2010, when Dan Harmon faked out the cast before telling them on camera that they were renewed for a second season. Also, it's always nice to be reminded that Yvette Nicole Brown doesn't always have that voice she does on the show. Also: Alison Brie freestyle raps!

    [Via Pop Culture Brain]

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  • ‘SVU’ Episode ‘Lost Traveler’ in the ‘SVU’-o-Matic: 3-Ripped-Headlines Edition

    linds at The Set2 yrs ago

    It's not that "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" is formulaic. It's that...uh...when a show's been on for this long, certain patterns start to emerge? Fine: It's formulaic. But that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. Here are the most basic facts you need to know about last night's episode: Special 3-Ripped-Headlines Edition, because of all the headlines they crammed in last night.

    First ripped-from-the headlines plot point: The initial setup: an adorable Romani (sometimes/formerly called Gypsy) boy named Nico disappears on the first day he's allowed to go to school on his own. It could be based on one of the most famous unsolved kidnappings in history, that of Etan Patz in Soho in 1972, but is more likely a reaction to the murder of an Orthodox Jewish boy in Brooklyn last summer on the first day he was allowed to walk to school, allegedly by a member of his own sect.

    How was the real story fictionalized?

    Instead of being a member of the insular Orthodox Hasidim in Brooklyn, who are often perceived as being distrusting of outsiders, Nico was a member of an insular Romani enclave in Brooklyn, who, in the episode, are distrusting of outsiders.

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  • The New Trailer for TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Reboot Takes Itself Verrrry Seriously

    linds at The Set2 yrs ago

    That remake of "Dallas" is really happening, and coming to TNT next summer, and TNT has put out a trailer to prove it. A new generation has taken over South Fork, but Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray are still around from the original show.

    In this self-important preview, that actually switches back between a movie trailer style ("One show changed television forever" - Movie Trailer Guy) to the cast sitting around the set talking about how absolutely life-changing the original "Dallas" was to every single human being on earth. If you're wondering, yes, they do address the fact that an oil ranch in Texas is just about the most irrelevant concept in 2011, if only to disagree with it.

    We all have many months to make up our minds about whether to watch this show (and I am admittedly a harsh remake anti-fan), but one thing Linda Gray says here doesn't bode well for its relevance: "[The original 'Dallas'] was the first time people saw a functioning dysfunctional family." Awesome, Linda, but we can see that every night on every channel now. That's what TV is.

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  • Jon Stewart Gets a Visit From Brian Williams While Making Fun of His On-Air Fire Alarm

    linds at The Set2 yrs ago

    The big news yesterday was the fire alarm that went off during almost all of Tuesday evening's live broadcast of NBC's "Nightly News with Brian Williams." Last night at the end of "Nightly," Williams apologized to viewers and thanked everyone who wrote in with concern for his well-being, saying he was "trying to find the guy" responsible. Now, we know that even before BriWi joked about the fire alarm catastrophe on his show, he'd already taped a surprise segment at "The Daily Show" in which he interrupted Jon Stewart's ridiculing rant of the incident with a bullhorn "fire alarm" of his own.

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