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The Surprising Comedy Duo of Ed Helms and Michael Bublé

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Okay, sure! [NBC]

NBC is promoting their special "A Michael Bublé Christmas," airing next Tuesday, December 6th, with short comedy bits featuring Ed Helms. Apparently, the special itself will include comedy shorts in addition to the crooning Bublé is known for. In this one, Helms is trapped in a box. I know this isn't a gossip site, but I just can't help thinking of the fact that Ed Helms's co-worker on "The Office," John Krasinski, is now married to the actress Emily Blunt, who was with Bublé for years. I wonder if the "Office" holiday party will be awkward this year, or what?

But that's neither here nor there: here's the comedy short/promo (Via the awesome comedy news site Splitsider), as well as a reminder of Bublé's past comedy work, on "SNL," in the legendary sketch "Hamm and Bublé. "

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...And the now-classic "Hamm and Bublé":

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