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'Girls' GIFs of the Week: Hannah's the Worst

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This week on "Girls," things start getting messy in "Hannah's world," and she's about to get nuclear. Are we on the cusp of another full-blown Hannah meltdown, à la Season 2?

Hannah attends her late editor David's funeral and learns from his wife (!!) that her book isn't going to be published. She also learns that, apparently, David isn't gay.

Always one to make literally everything about herself, Hannah asks David's widow for publishing references to take her writing elsewhere. All while still at his funeral. Needless to say, it doesn't go over well.

Cashing in the widow's favor instantly, Hannah meets with a top publishing house and is "surprised" when they instantly want to publish her book-slash-she totally believes it's warranted.

When asked the dreaded questions,"Who are you, really?" and "What is your personal brand?" Hannah makes a slam dunk by citing her Midwestern roots and subsequent brand as Tombstone Pizza. Mmmm, Tombstone Pizza really is the bomb.

Ugh. Sorry, Hannah, but things don't actually work out this way and your former publishing house still owns the rights to your book! Bummer!

Cue an unbearable phone call between Hannah and her dad where she bashes her lame lawyer uncle's attempt to help her out. So many favors, so little self-awareness.

What's a super-irritated Hannah supposed to do now? More ice cream? Yeah, maybe. But how about kick out Caroline and start a fight with her boyfriend Adam? Yep. That sounds good.

Has Hannah finally pushed Adam to the edge by kicking out his sister? Will Adam find Caroline on the streets before she does something super-crazy? Can someone please call her dad back and ask about his operation and how his day is going? Because dads are the best, and Hannah is basically the worst.

"Girls" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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