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'Vikings' Cast and Creator Sail Into a Packed House at Comic-Con With Season 2 Teasers

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History Channel's breakout hit "Vikings" put in a delightful, profanity-laced appearance at Comic-Con on Friday. The trailer drew screams from the crowd as some of the characters we know don't make out so well.

Watch the "Vikings" Season 2 trailer now:



The cast — including Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gustaf Skarsgård, and George Blagden along with creator Michael Hirst and History Channel VP Dirk Hogstra — are currently filming Season 2 and were flown in from Ireland just for Comic-Con. Their busy schedule and long flight made them look like they had just been ripped directly from the eighth century (except for Skarsgård, who looked decidedly un-Floki-like without his eyeliner, and Blagden, who sported a beard grown for the new season).

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Hirst on Season 2

"All of the major characters have to make huge choices and huge sacrifices. Whatever dreams they have and whatever expectations they have involve sacrifices, sometimes terrible sacrifices," he says.

"We're going to watch Ragnar Lothbrok rise, which is not, of course, without huge issues around it. It's going to be a great ride. I'm pushing and pushing characters as much as I can."

Siggy's Love Life in Season 2

Says Gilsig of her character, "I don't know if I'd call it a 'love life,' but she's definitely going to be busy." More sex!

Getting Their Feet Wet

This season, the boats will actually be taken out on the ocean instead of just shooting in a lake. More water! 

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How Blagden Prepared for Season 2

"I tried very hard to grow a beard. It took me about five times as long" as some of the other cast members. More facial hair!

Skarsgård on Playing Floki

When asked how much of himself he brings to the role, he says: "Not enough. I'm not as f---ing crazy, but I'm pretty f---ing crazy."

"The freer I am with the character, the better it gets. It's just a matter of, like, giving the inner ball a spin, then letting go in my mind."

Crossover Potential

A fan asked, because both Rollo and Dexter are sociopaths, what would they say to each other if they met. "Not a lot. There'd be axes involved, I think."  

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Most Emotional Moment

Gilsig brings up the season finale and the difficulty of shooting the death of her and Winnick's children. "I never want to film that scene again, that's for sure."

Best Panel Ending Ever

Standen rising to his feet and yelling the shield wall chant along with a room full of fans:

"Up onto the overturned keel
Clamber, with a heart of steel
Cold is the ocean's spray
And your death is on its way
With maidens you have had your way 
Each must die some day!" 


Check out all the TV stars at this year's Comic-Con:

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