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Biebs and RiRi Refused to Take the 'Sharknado' Bait [Exclusive Clip]

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"Sharknado," Syfy's toothsome original movie, was the hottest ticket in town … for Justin Bieber and Rihanna to turn down, that is. During this exclusive "Yo Show" interview, the creative minds from Asylum Home Entertainment revealed how Biebs and RiRi simply wouldn't return their calls. These two A-list pop stars were clearly not interested in taking the casting bait.

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Evidently, Ian Ziering and Tara Reid didn't let their phones roll over to voicemail. These waterlogged performers bravely battled a gigantic waterspout filled with hungry sharks. "Scores of actors turned us down because they or their agents said, 'I am never gonna be in a movie called 'Sharknado.'' And I'll bet they all regret it now," producer Paul Bales revealed. 

In 1998, Hollywood released two killer asteroid movies in the same year: "Armageddon" and "Deep Impact." In the 21st century, though, killer sharks are in vogue. "We were actually developing a movie where sharks were being lifted up into the air by some natural event, stormlike," producer David Rimawi said when talking about their movie "Shark Storm."

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During their pitch to Syfy, the network executives revealed that they were developing the exact same movie, but they were calling it "Sharknado." Great, campy minds do think alike, at least in Hollywood.

"You have to get really drunk first for us to come up with a title that works for the Asylum," producer David Michael Latt revealed. This isn't the first aquatic outing for the Asylum boys, however. They got their feet wet years ago with "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus." (Seriously! We aren't making this up.)

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According to Bales, "Mega Shark" gave the network the confidence and permission to make "ridiculous giant fish movies." The Asylum isn't asking permission, though, for its next aquatic adventure: "Three-Headed Shark Attack." It's a great time to be a science-fiction fan, isn't it? 

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