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'Breaking Bad' Fans React to the Finale: 'Very Happy. Very Sad.'

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Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in the 'Breaking Bad' Series Finale, 'Felina.'

Just think, "Breaking Bad" fans: Back in your grandparents' day, they had to watch dramatic TV events without the virtual comfort of fellow social media users. At least we have our Twitter brethren to share our pain over bidding adieu to one of the greatest TV dramas of all time.

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We're sure, for instance, most "BB" fans can empathize with this tweet from singer Jay Sean:

Adds ‏@cschweitz:

From @CarterHardin:

From "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig:

And as "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" creator Rob McElhenney so pithily put it:

Others who were sharing their love of all things "Breaking Bad" post-finale:


@kriscomedy, who tweeted:

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt wrote:

"Breaking Bad" alum Giancarlo Esposito (aka Gustavo Fring) tweeted:

@davechensky wrote:

"Little House on the Prairie" star Melissa Gilbert (part of a series finale in which the citizens of Walnut Grove blew up their town) tweeted:

Tweeted @KevinAbstract about Walt and Skyler's final scene together:

Comedian Richard Lewis tweeted a personal connection to the finale:

And the big guy upstairs β€” no, not AMC president Charlie Collier; we mean God, or the Twitter imposter version thereof β€” gave the finale two thumbs up:

And now, for the dissenters. Yes, some people didn't love the "Breaking Bad" finale as much as the rest of us did. Like…

@ErikMAdams, who tweeted:

(NOTE: What, exactly, in the finale qualified as a deus ex machina?)

Tweeted @marathonpacks:

And wrote @TomCarsonWriter:

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