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'SNL' Star Cecily Strong Not Pregnant, Thinks 'Cruel Peeps' Are 'Barfy'

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Seth Meyers, Cecily Strong, and Keenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live (Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC)

Cecily Strong is not a fan of fat jokes… dishing them or receiving them.

The "Saturday Night Live" star is firing back at critics who speculated that she was pregnant over the weekend.

"Oh also, I'm not pregnant," Cecily wrote on Sunday. "But thanks for inquiring you cruel bully d--kheads/the dumbest idiots ever who don't understand how life works."

The "Weekend Update" anchor was responding to a flurry of tweets after last Saturday's episode, which was hosted by Jonah Hill. A few examples that prompted her reply?




There were similar tweets dating back to December; however, it was the most recent string of comments that prompted Strong, 29, to speak out.

One Twitter user, @MudPuppetRyan, responded by asking: "So I guess you put up a fight about delivering that Chris Christie fat joke last night?"

"I actually am not a big fan of fat jokes. I come from Chicago. Most of the people I love are big. I'd rather tell dog jokes," Strong replied.

Similarly, @sarcasmUNVAIL asked: "Don't u think it's ignorant to play the victim card when u crushed a fat joke of ur own. P.S. you're not fat; just whiny now."

"I don't like fat jokes. I don't write them. I'm sorry you also don't understand underlying sexism. Smell ya, dummy," Cecily responded.

After a majority of overwhelmingly positive replies, Cecily went on to express she wasn't tweeting for compliments.




Strong certainly is one of the more outspoken "SNL" cast members, so we have a feeling this won't be her last Twitter tirade.

Check out a clip from Saturday's "Weekend Update":

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