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Why Working With 'The Fuzz' Puppets Worked for Jon Gabrus

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If "The Wire" and "Sesame Street" had a love child, it would look like "The Fuzz." Yahoo Screen's new buddy-cop comedy is the story of Herbie, a diligent puppet police officer and Detective Sanchez, his lazy human counterpart fighting rampant criminality and an up and coming drug lord, Rainbow Brown, in the streets of P-town, aka Puppet-town.

Watch the first episode of "The Fuzz" here:

One of the human stars of the show and Herbie's partner, Jon Gabrus, talked with his fans via a live Twitter chat earlier this week. Also known for his role in MTV's "Guy Code," funny man Gabrus gave insightful behind-the-scenes details on the production of the show and working with puppets.

Here's our guy ready to rock 'n' roll... or not?

The conversation started all professional and serious with questions about the puppets:

And what's it like to work with them?

But when the questions became too detailed even for the show's star, the master puppeteer surprised everyone by joining the conversation and answering in lieu of Jon:

Even if hard work didn't scare the puppets and puppeteers, Gabrus had a problem or two of his own on set:

But that didn't necessarily interfere with his being perfect for the part:

Things got a bit too personal when someone asked:

Watch webisodes of "The Fuzz" on Yahoo Screen.

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