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  • ‘Magic City’ Full Episode: Watch the Series Premiere Before It Airs

    chrissyn at Yahoo TV (old)2 yrs ago

    Although "Magic City" doesn't premiere until April 6, you can watch the series debut in its entirety online now.

    Set in picturesque Miami Beach circa 1959, Starz's new period series follows the glamorous and turbulent age where Fidel Castro's rebels have just taken control of Havana. "Magic City" stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ike Evans, a family man who made a deal with mob boss Ben "The Butcher" Diamond (Danny Huston) in order to finance his dream of building an opulent hotel, the Miramar Playa.

    [Photos: Meet the cast of 'Magic City']

    As the city's most lavish hotel, the Miramar Playa attracts legendary entertainers, seedy mobsters, politicians, and even the CIA. But being the place to be has its price. With all these figures holding court at the hotel, things begin to spiral out of Ike's control. Will he be able to keep his business and family from collapsing? Olga Kurylenko ("Quantum of Solace") plays Ike's former showgirl wife, Vera.

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  • Yahoo! TV Giveaway: Flip SlideHD Video Camera from Syfy

    ytvstaff at Yahoo TV2 yrs ago

    Syfy is celebrating the new year by rolling out new episodes of its top shows this month: Supernatural drama "Being Human" returns for its sophomore season this week, while reality hits "Face Off" and "Ghost Hunters" are back with all-new installments. And you can make some spooky movies of your own if you win this week's Yahoo! TV giveaway: We're giving one lucky winner a Flip SlideHD video camera, courtesy of Syfy.

    Like all Flip cameras, the SlideHD is blessedly easy to use, but it also delivers HD-quality video with a 2x digital zoom and four hours of record time. Plus, it boasts a 3-inch touch-screen monitor that flips out to a 45 degree angle, so you can watch what you've just shot instantly. And who knows? Maybe that zombie masterpiece you create with your Flip camera will find its way onto Syfy someday.

    Get a sneak peek at next week's all-new "Being Human" right here:

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  • Happy Birthday, Zooey Deschanel! Here Are Your Top 5 TV Moments

    lcase at Yahoo TV2 yrs ago

    Zooey Deschanel struck small-screen gold when she landed the role of Jessica Day on Fox's new hit comedy "New Girl." The raven-haired beauty (born January 17, 1980) is so perfect for the "adorkable" role, we simply can't picture anyone else stepping into Jess's brightly colored ballet flats. That said, Zooey has brought her special brand of quirkiness to several other TV series and commercials, and what better time to look back on five of her most amazing small-screen moments than her 32nd birthday?

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  • Best and Worst TV Shows Based on Movies

    daven at Yahoo TV2 yrs ago

    Fox's new animated version of "Napoleon Dynamite" (debuting this week) is just the latest TV series to spring from a successful movie. Some of these have beaten the odds to become classic television, while others flopped instantly. So pop some popcorn and join us as we look back at some of the best and worst big-screen-to-small-screen adaptations.

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  • Yahoo! TV Giveaway: ‘Dance Moms’ Workout Prize Pack

    ytvstaff at Yahoo TV2 yrs ago

    Lifetime's addictive reality hit "Dance Moms" returns for Season 2 this week, with drill-sergeant dance teacher Abby Lee Miller once again molding her young students into some of the top dancers in the country. Now we can't get Abby Lee to come to your house and yell at you while you work out, but this week's Yahoo! TV giveaway might be the next best thing: a "Dance Moms"-themed workout prize pack.

    The prize includes a Lifetime gym bag and water bottle, a gym towel bearing the "Dance Moms" logo, as well as "Dance Moms"-branded workout gear: gym shorts, leg warmers, and a sweatshirt. So you can dance along with Abby's girls at home, or flash your reality-TV obsession the next time you hit the gym. (And if you just want to wear the sweatshirt and sip the cocktail of your choice out of the water bottle while watching "Dance Moms" on your couch, we're not gonna stop you.)

    Get a sneak peek at the new season of "Dance Moms" right here:

    We're giving away this "Dance Moms" prize pack to one lucky winner; read on to find out how to enter.

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