'American Chopper': Will Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. build together again? [Exclusive video]

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Father-and-son bike builders and "American Chopper" stars Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. have been feuding for years now... so long, in fact, that Discovery was forced to add "Senior vs. Junior" to the show's title. But last season's finale gave us a glimmer of hope, as Senior and Junior finally agreed to sit down in person and hash out their differences. In this exclusive sneak peek at the new season of "Chopper," it looks like the two men are inching towards an uneasy truce. But does that mean they're ready to build bikes together again? Well, maybe not.

In the clip, after some tense back-and-forth between the two, Senior calls his son and throws out the idea of them teaming up to build a bike, just like old times. But Junior isn't quite ready to take that step: "I feel like we should walk before we run, know what I mean?" Meanwhile, life goes on at the dueling bike shops: The OCC crew is knocking down walls to make room for a new cafe (ooh la la!) and PJD gets to work on a military-themed bike for Geico. But the two men make nice at Rick's wedding, shaking hands and hugging at the reception, and they find common ground later on in Senior's driveway.

So will we actually get to see this father-son team sweating over the same chassis this season? We sure hope so; we've had more than enough of this "Senior vs. Junior" nonsense.

"American Chopper" returns Monday, 9/3 at 9 PM on Discovery.
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