'Dallas' finale preview: Bobby finally catches J.R. red-handed [Exclusive Video]

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The original "Dallas" series will forever be remembered for having one of the greatest TV cliffhangers of all time. ("Who shot J.R.," anyone?) So expect big things when TNT's reboot of the popular drama airs its Season 1 finale on Wednesday night.

Yahoo! TV has an exclusive clip of what the network is touting as a "shocking season finale." In it brothers J.R. (Larry Hagman) and Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy), who have a notoriously strained relationship, battle it out yet again. However, this time Bobby clearly has the upper hand against his conniving sibling.

Rehashing the Marta Del Sol scam, J.R. tries to sweet-talk Bobby and make him think he wasn’t the guilty party. "I know you will refuse to believe me until the day I die, but I was not part of that Marta Del Sol fraud," J.R. insists. "I just ended up getting a loan from the wrong people."

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But Bobby, who's still recovering from a cerebral aneurysm caused by his cancer treatment, is fed up with J.R.'s lies. "Stop it, J.R.," Bobby snaps. "When Marta Del Sol died, it revealed her true identity -- Veronica Martinez -- and that opened up a whole trail to follow. So Lou got access to her cloud drive, where she backs up all her computer files. And her video files – so there is a video of you conspiring with her against me. I've got you dead to rights, brother."

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After decades of trying, Bobby finally catches J.R. red-handed, exposing him in a lie.

Also in the episode is a tender moment between the brothers. Bobby is comatose following the aneurysm, and J.R. shows a rare sweet side when he tearfully professes his love for his ailing brother. After ordering Bobby to "wake up," J.R. tells him to "keep fighting … keep fighting me." And with tears in his eyes, J.R. says, "I'm going to tell you something you've never heard me say before." He pauses. "I love you Bobby – and I don't know who I'd be without you."

The "Dallas" cast, including Linda Gray, Jordana Brewster, and Jesse Metcalfe, will reunite in the Lone Star state in September to film Season 2 of the series. The new season will have 15 episodes, up from 10 this year.

The season finale of "Dallas" airs Wednesday at 9 PM on TNT.

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