'Happy Endings' exclusive video: Brad and Max bring the party with Boyz II Menorah

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Want to give your next bar mitzvah a little "Motownphilly" flavor? "Happy Endings" buds Brad and Max are happy to oblige, yo.

Brad is still unemployed and Max is still actively avoiding adulthood, so on next week's all-new episode, they throw on matching white sweater vests and bow ties to form Boyz II Menorah, a two-man hype team that can turn any party into a full-fledged par-tay. (For the right price, of course.)

In the exclusive sneak peek above, the guys stride into a lame bar mitzvah for some kid named Todd and hit 'em up with some funky-fresh style, complete with a Lonely Island-esque rap about how to get the party started right ("Step 4: Believe in yourself! Step 5: Repeat Step 4.") and a flock of gyrating fly girls.

We'd sign them up on the spot, but Todd and his family don't look very impressed when the music ends. Hmmm... maybe Max shouldn't give up on that "trash stove" concept so quickly.

"Happy Endings" airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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