'Louie's' new love interests: Parker Posey and Melissa Leo [Exclusive Video]

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For a guy who's bald, overweight, and generally miserable, Louis C.K. sure does well with the ladies.

The comedian's brilliant FX sitcom "Louie" returns for Season 3 next week -- and based on this exclusive sneak peek, he's landed a few famous actresses as love interests this season. Parker Posey stops by as a girl who has no problem telling Louie he's fat, and Oscar winner Melissa Leo ("The Fighter") plays a dowdy date whose knife skills could use some work. Plus, we get to see alt-comedienne Maria Bamford (aka the crazy lady from Target's holiday ads) telling Louie he's "bad at sex." Ah, Louie... we've missed your uniquely self-hating brand of humor.

Season 3 of "Louie" premieres Thursday, 6/28 at 10:30 PM on FX.
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