'Modern Family' to celebrate New Year's Eve, Jay Pritchett style [Exclusive video]

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2013 is upon us, and the celebration is not over yet -- at least not for the "Modern Family" crew, who are back after a hiatus of nearly a month. They passed on doing Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes this season but are pulling out all the stops for an upcoming New Year's Eve episode. In now-typical "Modern Family" style, A-list guest stars are included: Billy Dee Williams of "Star Wars" fame (he also guested on this season's "NCIS") and Lainie Kazan of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

In this exclusive clip from "New Year's Eve," Gloria is on the hunt for missing grapes. Naturally, Jay ate them, and why shouldn't he? "They were in a bowl; they were washed; I paid from them," he says. Gloria has a goofy NYE tradition, of course, which involves eating 12 grapes at midnight -- one for every month -- and making a wish on each grape. (Hey, at least she's not singing, as she did in the last episode.) It might sound bananas, but her fruity ritual could work. She went from living as a single mom in a slum to the lap of luxury in just five years, after all.

What's the plan for ringing in 2013? Jay is taking his lovely wife; his daughter and her husband, Claire and Phil; and his son and his partner, Mitchell and Cam, to a fancy hotel fete in Palm Springs -- complete with dinner, dancing, and a midnight toast. Ooh la la. The only thing missing? Grapes, according to Gloria. Where do Billy Dee and Lainie fit in? They'll be engaged in a high-roller poker game with Jay at some point. Here's hoping he doesn't break the bank.

Mitch and Cam are definitely excited for this year's party plan -- or at least excited not to have to plan it themselves. "It really takes the pressure off of having to outdo ourselves," Cam says. In full-on sarcastic mode, Mitchell reminds everyone that it would be hard to top last year, when they apparently fell asleep before 10 PM. At least they had party hats on.

What about the kids? Looks like Haley -- er, make that Alex -- will be watching Lily and possibly Luke. Fingers crossed that nothing explodes and no one gets arrested.

To find out if the New Year's Eve festivities go off without a hitch (doubtful), tune in to "Modern Family" on Wednesday, 1/9 at 9 PM on ABC.

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