'Once Upon a Time' preview: 6 juicy scoops about 'The Cricket Game'

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"Once Upon a Time" -- "The Cricket Game"

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Happily ever after? Not quite yet for the people of Storybrooke.

In last month's winter finale, Emma and Snow finally escaped Fairy Tale Land and reunited with Henry and David.

What they don't yet realize is that they're not the only ones who found their way to Storybrooke -- so have Cora and Hook! So the celebrations won't last long when "Once Upon a Time" returns Sunday, Jan. 6 with "The Cricket Game."

"It's not like Emma gets a break," Jennifer Morrison said with a laugh while talking to reporters on the show's Vancouver set.

"We have a party at Granny's, and then there's all sorts of new problems."

Check out what she and the other cast members had to say about all those new problems -- and what to expect from the rest of Season 2!

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1. Cora and Hook stay hidden... for now

The people of Storybrooke won't know right away that Regina's evil witch of a mother made it there.

"They're trying to get the lay of the land," explained executive producer Steve Pearlman. "Cora, in particular, her whole plan was to get Regina to want her. So there's the beginnings of the plan of how that will happen."

A calm before the storm will be good, at least for Regina, who might have a panic attack upon learning Cora's in town.

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"She's scared to confront her mother," Lana Parrilla said. "At the same time, she's rusty using magic. Then there's also the mother-daughter dynamic."

She added with a laugh, "Regina's probably going to end up smoking cigarettes and drinking way too much scotch."

2. Emma bonds with her dad

It's weird enough that Emma's roommate turned out to be her mom, but at least they had a chance to bond in Fairy Tale Land. Now that she's back, Emma also has to deal with the fact she has a dad.

But David won't be one of those overprotective helicopter parents.

"As opposed to pushing the whole parental-figure kind of thing on her, he kind of wants to lay back on it and find out who she is as a woman, who she is as a friend," explained Josh Dallas.

Since Charming took over the sheriff's duties in Emma's absence, they'll now work together to watch over the town.

"They're both sheriffing at the same time," Morrison said. "Regina has a great line at one point. She's like, 'I'm glad to see this is a family affair.'"

But father and daughter won't always see eye to eye.

"They both have different ideas about how to bring justice to certain people, but they can both learn from each other," Dallas said.

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3. Hook looks for Gold; Gold looks for his son

The wonders of the new world that is Storybrooke don't cause Hook to waver from his only goal in life: to kill Rumplestiltskin.

"His reaction to being [in Storybrooke] isn't really different, because he still has his motivation," Colin O'Donoghue explained. "It doesn't matter where that is. He's the kind of guy who'd be willing to die in the pursuit. That's how single-minded he is."

Later on, Hook will meet other Storybrookers. "He has interactions with some other people, though, that will be interesting to the fans, especially because they want to 'ship' him with anyone," O'Donoghue said with a grin.

Meanwhile, as Hook is bent on revenge, Rumplestiltskin is bent on finding his son, Baelfire.

"It's always been the son. It's never been about anything else other than the son," said Robert Carlyle. "The next few episodes are all about that."

4. To stay or to go, that is the question

Emma and Snow may have just gotten back from Fairy Tale Land, but perhaps not for long. There will be a contingent of Storybrookers who want to return home (if they can even find a way).

"David wants to get back to their kingdom, the kingdom that they fought for, their home," Dallas explained.

But his wife feels a little differently.

"Snow wants nothing more than to explore a provincial, suburban kind of life with Prince Charming after all she's gone through," said Ginnifer Goodwin. "There will be conflict because not everyone went through what Emma and Snow went through on that journey."

Indeed, as Snow well knows, current-day Fairy Tale Land is very different from what Charming remembers.

"Mary Margaret and Emma have experienced what I call postapocalyptic Fairy Tale Land, and David has not," Morrison noted.

"And even though it's been explained to him and he's heard the stories, it's just different to hear about it and being in it."

5. More flashbacks, more revelations!

In January, fans can expect another Belle flashback (involving Mulan!) that Emilie de Ravin describes as "big ... shocking."

"There are a lot of things that will surprise people" about Belle, she teased.

As for other flashbacks, the character of Dr. Whale/Frankenstein's brother was recently cast for a future storyline.

Meanwhile, Dallas hopes for an episode featuring David's twin brother, James. "He was brought up by King George, so what kind of guy was he?" Dallas said.

Carlyle also noted that "Once Upon a Time" hasn't yet done the actual Rumplestiltskin story yet.

"There's a little bit suggested in Episode 2, when he meets the young Regina for the first time, and he says, 'I knew you when you were younger … more portable,'" Carlyle noted.

"So, she was promised to him. ... Once that story is revealed, we'll understand more about that relationship."

6. The outside world intrudes into Storybrooke

Emma and August have been the only new people to come to town, and both of them came from Fairy Tale Land as children.

But a new character (played by Ethan Embry) is heading to Storybrooke in the next few episodes, described as an outsider from Pennsylvania.

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There's also Neal (Michael Raymond-James), Henry's father, who recently got a postcard from Storybrooke. Could he be on his way to reunite with Emma ... and meet son Henry?

One thing's for sure: Regina probably won't be happy when yet another parent appears out of nowhere to vie for Henry's love.

"I think she's going to be very surprised when she learns who the father is," Parrilla teased.

Interesting! Might Regina have encountered Neal before? "Possibly," she added, a sly gleam in her eye.

Oh, that queen, she's a wicked one!

Catch up before the show's Jan. 6 return with this full episode:

What are you excited to see in the second half of this season of "Once Upon a Time"? Sound off with your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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