10 Best Celebrity Guest Stars on 'Modern Family'

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Celebrity cameos are the luxury of a successful television show and no show is more popular than "Modern Family." These stars might not be series regulars, but they add sparkle and shine every time they appear in their cameos.

Shelley Long —She plays Claire's and Michell's mother as well as Jay's ex. Her portrayal of a hilariously unstable mother and wife, is spot on and shows why everyone turned out the way they did. Best moment: Dede has a lucid chat with Jay after she accuses Claire of being jealous, in which she apologizes for her outburst. At the tail end of the apology, Dede leaps up and tackles a catatonic Gloria. Hilarious!

Matt Dillon —Dede picks up Claire's old flame, Robbie Sullivan, up at the airport and brings him back to the Dunphy house. Best moment: When Jay tells him to leave Lily's princess party, Robbie says that Jay's intimidation tactics no longer work. Then he promptly leaves.

Judy Greer —Phil and an ex-girlfriend, Denise, reconnect through Facebook. Instead of the intimate French restaurant Denise suggests, Phil asks her over to the Dunphy home for dinner. As with most well intentioned scenarios on "Modern Family" things go south quickly. Best moment: The odd discomfort as Denise enters the Dunphy home for the first time.

Ed Norton —Phil recreates Claire's favorite song with the singer, Izzy LaFontaine, from Spandau Ballet played by Ed Norton. We get a faux-recap about what has happened to he and his bandmates post their 1983 hit, "True." Best moment: Norton's performance of the classic '80s hit.

Nathan Lane —Pepper Saltzman is Cam and Mitchell's competitive friend. Pepper has carefully carved out a perfectionist party planning niche and, simply put, will not be out done. Best moments: There are always side swiping comments to complete his uniquely entertaining visit punctuated by Nathan Lane's signature style.

Benjamin Bratt —Steamy and smooth, in an instant, we all understand why Gloria married Manny's dad, Javier. Two minutes into the scene, it is obvious why she left him. The perfect absent father, Javier blows in and out of town for brief visits. Leaving the impression that Jay is the best father for Manny. Best moment: The first few moments he enters the Pritchett household.

Jamie Gertz —Claire stands at the ready, megaphone in hand, ready to catch her speed-demon neighbor, Laura. Phil lands the job of selling Laura's house. As type-A Laura zips in and out of the story, Phil discovers and then scurries to cover up the fact that Laura is the mystery neighborhood speeder. Best moment: Claire only discovers her culprit after she is inside the offending vehicle. Riotous!

Mary Lynn Rajskub —Mitchell used to date Tracy and, after an uncomfortable meeting, Cam and Mitchell mistakenly assume that Mitchell fathered her child. Best moment: In a, no-one-saw-this-coming twist, the child ends up being—spoiler alert—Tracy's husband.

Justin Kirk —Mitchell's boss, Charlie Bingham is a jerk right down to his Italian shoes. Justin Kirk's dry wit brings depth and wryness to Mitchell's work world. Best moment: During a party at Charlie's posh mansion, Cam and Mitchell are introduced at partners. "Business partners—business and acquisitions. I'm kidding...we're gay."

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