'2 Broke Girls' recap: 'And the Big Opening,' 'And the Silent Partner' tie up some loose ends

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This week, CBS offered up two new episodes of their Monday night comedy "2 Broke Girls." One was definitely better than the other, but only because it tied up a few loose ends from last season. The other, well, let's just say that sometimes too much of a good thing can be a little hard to take in. So what happened in "And the Big Opening" and "And the Silent Partner?" Read on to find out.

The plots

We begin with "And the Big Opening," which has Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) finally opening up their cupcake shop. Why they still call it Max's Homemade Cupcakes is beyond me, but that is not what is important. What is important is that they are having a party to celebrate, and have invited important people. Well, Caroline has invited some important people. Max has invited people that wronged her so she can rub her noses in it. After her pilot episode boyfriend shows up to make "almonds" for the wrongs he has done, Johnny (Nick Zano) shows up to complicate her plans even further. The episode also features Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), whose dream house in Poland has finally been completed and must leave for a month.

"And the Silent Partner" picks up from that story, with Sophie returning home a broken woman after finding out her contractor stole her money. Everyone expects Max and Caroline to return the money she gave them, but with the business being slow, it just isn't possible. It turns out that Sophie isn't really concerned about the money; she is just sad that her dream was taken away from her. Max feels sorry for Sophie, and against Caroline's wishes, makes her a silent partner. Of course, as loud as Sophie is, being silent just isn't possible. In the meantime, Caroline's new boyfriend Andy (Ryan Hansen) is trying to find the perfect way to say "I Love You."

The good

Although "And the Big Opening" was a better episode overall, both still had many laughs to be had (despite the requisite potty-mouthed humor.) What made "Opening" stronger was the continued growth of Max, who finally is accepting that it is okay to be a success, and is making better decisions with her life. Though she has to say a majority of the dirtiest lines (outside of Sophie and Oleg), Dennings is such a talent that we still care enough about Max and want to see her succeed. "And the Silent Partner" also featured more physical comedy from Beth Behrs, whose struggle with the gigantic cupcake costume had me on the floor.

The bad

As mentioned before, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad situation rather quickly. Such is the case with Sophie, who got a bigger role in "And the Silent Partner." Although it was sad to see her lose her dream, it was a bit hard to believe that someone who owns another successful business would come with such bad ideas, despite the tackiness of their wardrobe.

What did you think of "And the Big Opening" and "And the Silent Partner"?

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