‘2 Broke Girls’ recap: Does ‘And the Three Boys with Wood’ cross the line?

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After a few episodes that seemed to slightly tone down the dirty factor, CBS's "2 Broke Girls" appears to have rightfully challenged "Two and a Half Men" as the most risqué comedy on the air (and by risqué, we mean raunchy). This is especially true of Monday night's "And the Three Boys with Wood" episode, which broke form a bit by having two separate storylines: one for Max (Kat Dennings) and one Caroline (Beth Behrs). Just how far did it go?

The story

Caroline is getting set to have her first date with Andy ( adorkably perfect guest star Ryan Hansen) and decides the best way to greet him is outside in a picture perfect pose with Chestnut. Andy arrives, and somehow it slips that Caroline is, in fact, Caroline Channing (how he didn't know boggles the mind), which freaks him out. He thought she was just a regular girl but now knows she was a "princess." Andy doesn't make a move, which makes Caroline think that Andy is actually gay. She decides to give one more date a try before calling the whole thing off.

Speaking of Chestnut, winter is coming and he needs shelter to keep him warm. Good thing a couple of Amish guys on Rumspringa (their version of Spring Break) walk into the diner and agree to help Max build a barn in exchange for a place to stay.

The good

It was nice to see Max and Caroline have separate stories that don't involve the cupcake business, though Max's story was a bit more secondary. Hats off to Beth Behrs and the fearless way she approaches her character. She knows that Caroline is a high-society girl, but she isn't afraid to make her look silly. The dance she did to prove just how much of a "regular girl" she was to Andy was flat out hilarious, even if didn't end too well for Jacob (one of the Amish guys).

The bad

A little of Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) can go a long way, which this episode proved. She was still funny, but it appears that the directors have now instructed her to shout every line, which could get tiresome in the long run. Also, though there were a few laughs, the stereotyping of the Amish put a slightly sour note on the whole episode.

What did you think of "And the Three Boys with Wood"?

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