'2 Broke Girls' recap and review: ‘And the Holdup’

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"2 Broke Girls," CBS's raunchy yet sweet comedy about two waitresses trying to hit it big in the cupcake world, continues its attempt to grow in its sophomore season. While "And the Hold Up" finally gave us insight into another character, it was still far from perfect. Here is a look at the good and the bad of "And the Hold Up."

The plot

Another night ends at the diner, and Caroline (Beth Behrs) just cannot wait to get home and watch an illegal download of some art show where people slap each other around. Max (Kat Dennings), who eagerly is awaiting her "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" time, somehow finds a way to turn art into reality when she and Caroline engage in some slapping of their own as Han (Matthew Moy) and Oleg (Jonathon Kite) watch. But the fun does not last as a man in a trench coat enters and plans to rob the diner. Earl (the underused Garrett Morris) suggests they just go with it, and Max goes to warn Caroline. The stress appears to be too much, as Caroline releases herself on the floor and then uses Max as a human shield when the robber approaches.

Han finally enters again and pleads with the robber to let him get his prayer beads out of his "manny" pack. But surprise, it turns out he has a gun in there, and turns the tables on the robber. Now that the ordeal is over, Caroline must deal with the fact that she practically through her best friend in harm's way.

The Good

It was a nice change of pace to finally get inside another character, this time giving Han a chance to shine and not just be a walking punch line. Though the inconsistencies still remained later on when the stress of facing an usher caused Han to relieve himself on the movie theater floor. Someone that is brave enough to face a robber should be able to handle an usher, but hey, it still made for a slightly amusing moment.

Another highlight was the connection made between Han and Max in the end, which not only highlighted his growth, but hers as well.

The Bad

Jennifer Coolidge is such a talent, and her work as Sophie has grown since her first appearance. However, in this episode she seemed a little crueler than usual, especially in her treatment of Caroline and Han. Her jokes at their expense were amusing at first, especially the "You're an eight" line, but after a while they began to wear thin. It was sort of like the way Karen on "Will & Grace" would deliver a line, followed by an annoying laugh. It was terrific in the beginning, but got old towards the end of the series.

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