'2 Broke Girls' Season 2 premiere recap: Steven Weber, Kat Dennings deliver hot daddy gold

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"And the Hidden Stash" -- the wildly naughty, funny, Season 2 premiere episode of "2 Broke Girls" -- brought plenty of laughs, sass, and one sexy daddy.

Steven Weber, the talented veteran actor, shined as Caroline Channing's incarcerated father, while Kat Dennings continues to deliver comedic gold.

Would you like fries with that, sonny?

When the show opened with another classic pop culture reference: the controversial mother, who made headlines by breastfeeding a way-too-old boy on the cover of a magazine. It set the tone for the sharply written gem.

While in the diner, a customer is nursing her 6-year-old son at the dining table, which prompts Max, with trademark dead pan sarcasm to remark, "I can't afford HBO, and it's the closest I can get to 'Game of Thrones.'"

As she approaches mama and "Junior," Max tells the patron, "Well, the boy obviously has his drink, what can I get you?" And, she's off and running, folks!

Hot for daddy

Meanwhile, when the girls discover that an auction is being held at the estate of Caroline's disgraced, Ponzi-scheme thief father, they plan a visit to the jail so they can get their hands on a few of the family jewels.

While at the cell, Max develops a major case of the hots for Mr. Channing, spouting off desperate come-ons and sexual innuendos. Channing, quite the handsome charmer, said of his jailbird outfit, "I don't know what's worse, being locked up, or looking like you're at Banana Republic."

It was an especially amusing line, considering his uniform did indeed look like something worn at a business casual golf outing, rather than behind bars.

Leave Katie alone!

A cute scene was when the two ladies went to the auction to purchase a Loving Cup that Channing wanted his daughter to have. Max, and a wig-sporting Caroline, go to the estate to buy the item, mostly because they are convinced that a large sum of money is stashed inside.

The black-haired wig that the former rich girl wore as a disguise was a great prop, as Max told people at the auction that Caroline was either Jennifer Love Hewitt, Zooey Deschanel, or Katie Holmes.

When an older man starts out-bidding Max for the Loving Cup, she tells him to let "Katie Holmes" have it, because "she's been through a lot."

Of course, there is no cash inside, and it's back to jail to confront Pop Channing with more Max crushing and shouting, "I love you, too, daddy!"

Comedy gold

"2 Broke Girls" has spirited, interesting lead characters, and an excellent supporting cast like Jennifer Coolidge, Garrett Morris, and Jonathan Kite. It will be a lot of fun to see which direction the writers take with the program during its sophomore year.

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