'2 Broke Girls': Then and now

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We're two episodes into the new season of CBS's "2 Broke Girls": The raunchy show about two young waitresses struggling to make ends meet while starting up a cupcake business. Considered the female version of "Two and a Half Men" (minus a Jake, unless you count Han, who you probably can't since we really did not get to know him in the first season), "2 Broke Girls" was always able to score big laughs, and it did not care how low it had to go to get them. Yet there were still some things to figure out, especially where the secondary characters were concerned.

Here is a look at what has changed (as well as stayed the same) on "2 Broke Girls."

The chemistry is still there

The key to the show's success was that certain sweetness that was buried underneath, especially with the sisterly bond that Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) shared. Even when one of the pair is acting ridiculous (such as Caroline fretting about her lucky pearls), the other one is always there to pick her up. Thankfully these two talented actresses are still able to rise above any situation and still have a chemistry that many comedy duos would die for.

Still as raunchy as ever

Though it seems a bit tamer, the raunch factor has remained intact. Whether it is a mom breastfeeding her son in the diner or the use of Max's favorite word (which we will not bring up here), "Girls" still goes for the low-brow belly laughs with reckless abandon. Luckily, they are still able to succeed.

More of the others

The big difference this season so far is the screen time given to the other characters, such as Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), Oleg (Jonathan Kite), Han (Matthew Moy), and Earl (Garrett Morris). Han especially seems to have been given more to do than just be a walking punch line for his height, while Oleg and Sophie are now moving their "relationship" forward. Hopefully the writers can find a really angle good for veteran actor Morris, which is something he richly deserves.

Still with the stereotypes, but not as extreme

One of the biggest criticisms the show received in its freshman season is that the writers didn't meet a stereotype they did not like. It could be argued that it's a reflection of the diverse world Max and Caroline live in, but some of the references they've used in the past were a bit extreme. Though a few mentions have popped up this season, the stereotypes do not seem to be as in-your-face as they were. However, the season just started, so you never know.

How do you like the second season of "2 Broke Girls"?

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