‘2 Broke Girls’: Three things fans now know about Han

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Since "2 Broke Girls" took a break from its usual time to make way for the last presidential debate, it provided some time to reflect on how the sophomore season has gone over so far. It appears that things are right on track, especially where the risqué humor is concerned. Also, the sisterly bond that made the show a winner in its premiere season still remains intact, thanks in part to the wonderful Kat Dennings (Max) and Beth Behrs (Caroline).

Their chemistry is what makes this show, especially since the secondary characters were mostly underdeveloped in Season 1. But this season, the writers have decided to give us some insights on a few of them, especially diner owner Han (Matthew Moy). There has been a significant focus on him as a character (even from last season's finale), and the audience has actually learned a few things about him. Here are some tidbits about Han:

He owns a gun

Usually, Han is just a walking punchline; however, he brought out his inner "Dirty Harry" thanks to the gun he carries in his fanny pack. Now gun control people might disagree, but it makes sense that a late-night diner owner would carry something like that. His confrontation with the robber that night was hilarious and shows that just because he is small does not mean he won't take a chance every now and then.

He goes to the movies to escape

One of the best moments this season has to be when Caroline and Max caught Han at the movies. No, not for his confrontation with the usher (which while funny, kind of negated the tough guy image he showed earlier), but for the fact that Max discovered that they both have something in common. Sometimes people bug Han a little too much, and he needs a place to escape. That lead Max to agree to hang out with him sometime (though not anytime soon).

He has a ferret

Okay, so this technically was revealed last season, but the point is that the show spent so much time on Max and Caroline's cupcake business that no one ever took the time to find out anything about him. The message was taken loud and clear, and thankfully the writers continued developing Han a bit more after letting us know that he has a ferret at home. Not a big revelation, but sometimes these types of things take a while.

What do you think of "2 Broke Girl's" latest attempt at character development?

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