2012's most beloved hated TV characters

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Characters-you-love-to-hate are nothing new to television. Many characters bug the heck out of TV fans, but for some reason, we just can't turn away. In fact, they are the very reason why some shows are so addictive. Here is a look at some of the more recent characters that fans know they should hate but love anyways.

Rocky and Nana -- "The New Normal"

Nana (Ellen Barkin) is a spiteful, bitter woman who takes her frustration out on the world; usually at the expense of her granddaughters (Georgia King) new baby-daddies, David and Bryan (Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells). We shouldn't like anyone so vicious, but for some reason, we can't help but laugh at her outrageous (and often misguided) remarks. Since the writers have shown some care in making Nana a bit human (not too much, since she might lose her edge), we see her words and views as a way to protect her family. It might not be easy to agree with her, but it's not impossible to relate.

Rocky (NeNe Leakes) is a bit of a conundrum; she's hilarious, but the person who plays her is not a very good actress, which is where the problem lies. Leakes, who shot to fame on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," has exactly one note to her delivery and rarely deviates from it. However, that note sometimes hits a funny bone or two, which makes hating her kind of a hard thing to do. That could be a testament to the writing and not necessarily Leakes's skill.

Sue Sylvester -- "Glee"

Oh, where to begin with Sue (Jane Lynch)? First of all, Lynch is a wonderful comedic actress, and in the beginning, her timing was enough to compensate for Sue's lack of teaching etiquette. After all, what teacher wouldn't get fired after pushing students around in the halls or throwing sticks at them? But what may have seemed like fun to the writers was actually downright cruel, and during the second season, it became hard to laugh along with Sue's antics. Luckily, as they did with the death of her sister, the writer's will once in a while prove that there is a human being underneath that track suit.

Roger Smith -- "American Dad"

A self-absorbed, alcoholic alien with a drug habit who will kill you for stiffing him on a tip... how could anyone like this guy? Well, for one thing, it's because he is too hilarious for words. Everything Roger says and does is so crazy and over the top that laughing is really the only thing you can do. Plus, seeing how many personas the writers can come up with for Roger makes it worth coming back week after week. Good thing Roger exists in the animated mind of Seth McFarlane, because if this were a live-action show, we might not love him quite as much (nah, we probably would).

Simon Cowell -- "The X Factor" and "American Idol"

OK, so he really isn't a character, but his personality sometimes makes people question whether or not he is truly being himself. Even though he can bring a hopeful singer to tears with one snide comment, people actually trust him to tell the truth and respect him for it. No one gets by just because "they did their thing." Nope, because if Simon says you are bad, then you are bad. But in that rare instance, you might actually get a compliment, which means you are beyond good. Even those that hate him for being mean respect his honesty.

Who are the characters you should hate but love?

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