3 Things ‘The Vineyard’ Needs in Order to Reach ‘Jersey Shore’ Levels of Popularity

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There's a new ABC Family show that's trying to win over fans of MTV "reali-drama" series like "The Hills" and "Jersey Shore." It's called "The Vineyard," and it centers around 11 young adults who work and live together on Martha's Vineyard. The antics of these restaurant co-workers can be entertaining, but this freshman series has a long way to go before it becomes a cultural sensation like "The Hills." Here are three things "The Vineyard" needs in order to up its game.

1. Introduce more class conflict

Part of what made "The Hills" and "Jersey Shore" so intriguing was watching people with tons of money and few "real-life" concerns. The TV fans who loved MTV's stable of reality-drama shows tuned in because they either wanted to emulate the carefree lifestyles they saw or because they wanted to hate-watch this these kinds of people.

There are tons of wealthy and privileged young adults on Martha's Vineyard, and it's a safe bet they aren't all working behind the scenes at a restaurant. There will always be conflict between the people being served at a restaurant and the people serving them. Let's see some more of the snooty upper crust!

2. Make the cast more diverse

Other than a few token minorities, this cast is overwhelmingly Caucasian. Complicating matters is the fact that three of the show's stars (Cat Todd, Jackie Lyons, and Katie Tardif) are nearly identical blondes. For the sake of the viewers at home (and as a means of increasing the audience), add some African-American, Asian, or Middle Eastern cast members to the mix! It's a guaranteed way to up the drama.

3. Consider using different cameras

The overall look of "The Vineyard" is really lush. However, a lot of the scenes look really staged, in the style of "The Hills" or "The Only Way Is Essex." Mixing in some grainy hidden-camera footage or some "sneaky" camera angles might make this epic summer story seem a little more organic.

True, "The Hills" never really went in for the whole cinéma vérité look, and it was immensely popular. That being said, TV fans always like the idea that they're seeing something that was meant to be a secret. A couple of night-vision scenes, some more gritty filters, and TV fans might find themselves getting more invested in "The Vineyard" than they intended to.

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