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Plenty was riding on the much anticipated live episode of "30 Rock." While the show was funny, witty, and intelligent, as "30 Rock" consistently is. The story line consisted of the new page, Hazel, hoping to be discovered on live television, and Jenna Maroney hatching a plan for her boyfriend to propose to her during the show, much to Liz Lemon's chagrin.

The main story arc of the show included Kenneth locking the "TGS" cast in a dressing room in order to convince them to keep the show live and not pre-recorded. Liz Lemon and Jack Donaughy oppose keeping the show live, and Kenneth reminisces about great shows of live television. Kenneth takes the cast on flashbacks of old television like "The Love Birds." A spin on "The Honeymooners" in black and white has Alec Baldwin joking about domestic violence and dying of a heart attack. Other homages included a variety show with a drunken, smoking Baldwin and the first NBC show to include two African American characters. Jon Hamm plays the offensive white actor playing an African-American caricature.

Best line of the evening: The best line of the night occurred in one of Kenneth's flashbacks to a news program in which the smoking male anchors (Brian Williams and Alec Baldwin) refuse to believe that the female journalist who is live on the scene is actually a reporter. "Is your father or a policemen nearby?" Brian Williams asks.

Best Cameos: What the live episode lacked in edginess, it certainly made up for in star power. Cameos included Kim Kardashian as herself, Brian Williams as an old-school anchor, and Donald Glover, who played a young Tracy Jordan.

Best Live Moments of the Night: The surprising moment of the night was brought to us by Fey's former SNL cast mate, Fred Armisen. Armisen played a telephone operator behind Jimmy Fallon. Armisen made eye contact with the camera and hammed up his silent dialogue and totally stole the scene from Fallon. The next best live moment was Jenna Maroney's fiancé flying down dressed as an angel singing the "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo" song that was recently featured in the "Mad Men" premiere.

Overall, the live show was incredibly fun and lively. Hopefully, audiences can look forward to another live show next season.

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