5 people Dexter Morgan should have killed

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Over the course of six full seasons of "Dexter" (with a seventh season airing now), Dexter Morgan has killed a huge number of people. But despite his huge kill list, Dexter Morgan has missed a few people. From co-workers to criminals, these are the people that Dexter had the opportunity to kill, but didn't.

Travis Marshall

Okay, this is a tricky one. Dexter did kill Travis, but he sure took his sweet time in doing so. Dexter found Travis very early in the season, but held off on killing him because he wanted to observe Travis for a while. Had he killed Travis right away, he could have saved lives and avoided getting caught by Deb when he eventually did take Travis down. On the other hand, getting caught by Deb is what has been giving Season 7 such amazing vitality, so maybe it's a good thing that Dexter held off on killing Travis for a few episodes.

Louis Greene

Even if it might cast suspicion on Dexter, killing a co-worker would be justified in the case of Louis Greene. He may say that his vendetta against Dexter is because Dexter panned his video game idea, but there's clearly something more going on there. Louis is clearly unhinged, and Dexter needs to deal with him before Louis really goes off the rails.

Joey Quinn

While Dexter might not want to kill Quinn directly, he did have the chance to get Quinn out of his hair permanently when Liddy's blood was found on Quinn's shoe. Fudging the evidence against Quinn raises too many questions, and Quinn is too much of a loose cannon to let hang around Miami Metro PD. Dex should have let that screw-up Joey go to death row.

Jimmy Sensio

Sensio was the blind voodoo priest that Dexter failed to kill in Season 2, during the period of time Doakes had Dex under surveillance. Dexter was off his game, and while he had the chance to kill Sensio, he decided to let Sensio just leave town. But chances are Sensio moved to another town and just started killing again.

Timothy Brand

Dexter's first mistaken kill was John Farrow, a photographer who specialized in shots of models who had been beaten violently. Dexter assumed that Farrow was responsible for the murder of a model and killed Farrow. However, Dexter later learned that Farrow was innocent: The real killer was Farrow's assistant, a man called Timothy Brand. Dexter shouldn't have been so hasty and should have killed Brand instead.
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