5 New Year’s resolutions for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans

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Do you want to become a better "Game of Thrones" fan in 2013? If so, it's time to do your duty as a diligent devotee and make sure you're up to speed with previous seasons. The new year is the best time to form positive fan habits in preparation for the upcoming season. Check out these five new year's resolutions for "Game of Thrones" buffs.

Support your favorite house

Like "Harry Potter" fans, most "Game of Thrones" fans strongly identify with one represented house. In 2013, resolve to learn more about your chosen house on the list of all the major houses from Arryn to Tyrell.

Connect with other fans

Watching "Game of Thrones" is more entertaining and engaging when you can geek out about it with other fans. Additionally, "Game of Thrones" has enough fans that it's easy to find fellow Thronies locally by connecting online or attending a meetup at a local convention. You can resolve to express your love for your fandom by wearing "Game of Thrones" swag, too.

Read the books

If you enjoy "Game of Thrones, you shouldn't necessarily read ahead in the George R. R. Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. If you've seen more than a few episodes of the show, it's not going to be a surprise that people injure each other, share beds, marry, and die in the books. Exactly who these events affect, however, is shocking.

So far, the TV series does not deviate from the novels compared to other TV shows based on books, such as "True Blood," so reading ahead will offer genuine spoilers. However, it is fascinating to see how the makers of "Game of Thrones" envision the events in the book. The attention to detail and level of accuracy likely has to do with the fact that Martin was seriously involved in selecting the production team for the show.

Even if you don't want to read ahead, you can catch up with the series by reading the first couple of books. And do resolve to read the books eventually -- they add so much more to the world of Westeros.

Know who's who

"Game of Thrones" has a plethora of families and characters. While it's relatively easy to figure out where a character is from based upon their clothing, it's tough keeping track of everyone. The easiest way to remember everything -- assuming you want to avoid spoilers -- is to re-watch the available seasons. HBO subscribers can access past seasons online through HBO Go.

If you want to avoid spoilers, check out the "Game of Thrones" Wiki. If you don't mind spoilers, head over to A Wiki of Ice and Fire, which also has a "Game of Thrones" episode summary guide.

Emotionally prepare

Few fandoms suffer as many character losses as that of "Game of Thrones." With a significant amount of war and politics, there are deaths in nearly every episode. It's natural to get attached to one or more characters, couples, or families -- and circumstances frequently tear apart those who seemed 'meant to be.'

If you're attached to a particular character, challenge yourself to revisit movies or shows with other favorite characters, especially ones in which the character doesn't die at the end or suffer a major loss.

Season 3 of "Game of Thrones" begins in April of 2013 on HBO.

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