'666 Park Avenue' and the little red dress

Rachel Taylor ravishing in Alexander McQueen

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Forget the LBD and forget being proper at a black tie affair; it's only when Jane gets not-so-plain and dresses up in revved up red to a swanky party thrown by the devil himself does she get noticed… Noticed by zombies, ghosts, murderers, and the minions of Hades, that is. Welcome to ABC's "666 Park Avenue," Jane.

Jane is played by blonde beauty Rachel Taylor (whom horror fans will remember from her role in "Shutter," a ghost movie she starred in alongside Josh Jackson from FOX's "Fringe"). She's the saucy half of a yuppie couple recently moved from the Midwest to New York City to manage The Drake, an old but elegant apartment complex.

Jane and her husband Harry (Dave Annable, "Brothers & Sisters") meet the folks whose fates… er, I mean flats are in the hands of The Drake's owners Gavin (Terry O'Quinn, "Lost") and Olivia Doran (Vanessa L. Williams, "Desperate Housewives"). Seems everyone living -- and dying -- within its walls has a rather tragic past, but there's no time to dwell on the misfortunes of others! Jane's got the opposite problem of being all dressed up with no place to go, so Olivia takes Jane shopping. Rent control or no, mama's not on a budget. She buys Jane an extravagant, very low-cut flowing scarlet red McQueen gown, and the new girl in town is instantly the talk of the town.

Of course, there is more to the cleavage than meets the eye. What sort of heart beats within the breast of young and responsible, yet sexy, Jane? Why would the Devil be targeting her soul? After all, it's made clear during the first episode that The Drake is not only rent-controlled, it's also a convenient portal to the fiery depths of hell. (It's more like movin' on down to the East Side.)

But who is the devil? Is it Gavin? Olivia? They seem all shady and evil, but serial mysteries have got to have a little more than that to sustain suspense and keep fans tuning in week after week. Where will the plotlines go? One thing's for sure, the interplay between Gavin and Jane is something to look forward to. Gavin's already mesmerized her once or twice -- what's next? (One tease: That fancy McQueen frock will be seen again because earlier in the episode, Olivia had a "vision" of Jane all tied up, all in red.)

"666 Park Avenue" airs Sunday nights at 10 PM PST on ABC.

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