Abigail Hawk Brings Beauty, Brains and the Perfect Bit of Attitude to ‘Blue Bloods’

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When Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) begins his day on "Blue Bloods," his schedule has already been scrutinized and shuffled in whatever manner needed by his steady assistant, Detective Abigail Baker, formerly, Melissa Baker, and frequently just "Baker," portrayed to perfection by Abigail Hawk. Whether she's called on to speak flawless Japanese to a group of visiting envoys, or run interference with protocol to protect her boss from run-ins with mob soldiers, she manages it effortlessly with hardly a wrinkle wrought in her navy blue skirt and crisp white blouse. She does what must be priority #1 for any right-hand man or woman: she makes her boss look very good, and seems to have clearer reception on Frank's thoughts than he does.

Just like in the police force, Hawk had to earn her way to the top. Her beautiful yet "girl next door" looks garnered her more than enough notice for magazine covers and apparel features. Hawk's acting resume began to fill with her role on the 1995 Saturday morning series "Reality Check" as part of a sibling set who discover that their new home's former owner is trapped inside an unassuming and unlikely computer. After a few minor parts in films and shorts, she found her way to police drama with parts in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and as a later-dismembered anchor on "Body of Proof" earlier this season.

While fans love the unspoken repartee she shares with Frank on "Blue Bloods," anyone at the top has her share of detractors, and a few seem to think she could have done more to protect her boss from a shooting last season when she didn't just do as she was told. Walking that tightrope between tension and tedium goes with the territory for Hawk as Detective Baker, and you can bet fans are ready for more to brew between her and Frank Reagan than his first cup of coffee.

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