Alec Baldwin is an Egotistical American Treasure

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Alec Baldwin by David Shankbone

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Alec Baldwin by David Shankbone

Alec Baldwin's behavior that resulted in his getting kicked off an American Airlines (AA) airplane last week was the first sign of his most recent display of big head syndrome. Going on "Saturday Night Live" last Saturday, December 10, 2011 to mock the airline about the incident was the second sign of big head syndrome.

Apology - Sort Of

The "30 Rock" star mocked himself, sort of, but most of the skit was to insult the airline that was merely doing its job. For those who didn't see the SNL sketch, Baldwin portrayed an AA pilot who apologized to the actor and referred to him as an American treasure.

Several times "Weekend Update" host Seth Meyers acknowledged the actor by his real name, and each time "The Departed" star responded with something along the lines of, "just keep playing along."

The First Attempt at Apologizing

This was the second time that the so-called American treasure apologized to the airline, again, sort of. The first was via an essay published at Huffington Post, in which Baldwin apologized to the passengers who witnessed his egotistical rant but ripped the airline a new one.

Don't get me wrong, I get it. The actor was poking fun at himself because often times he comes across as condescending and overly serious. But all this action does is say that you can be the biggest jerk in the world and then sort of apologize by mocking everybody and making yourself look like the hero. And by doing this everything is back to normal.

I'm not blaming SNL for having Baldwin on the program. After all, SNL and "30 Rock" are both on NBC. But there's something to be said about a man who continually messes up but still is perceived as a good guy, or in Baldwin's own words, an American treasure.

Continually Clueless

Back in 2007, the "It's Complicated" star berated his then 12-year-old daughter Ireland over the phone that was recorded and leaked by either ex-wife Kim Basinger or her attorney. The result was a judge suspending his visitation rights.

Why can't all airlines suspend the actor's right to fly? Let's see how much he likes traveling across the country by foot. Of course, if there were to happen, I'm sure we'll see an American Treasure Tour Bus that promotes how right Baldwin is and how wrong everybody else is.

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