Alicia Silverstone, Green Goddess! 3 Things She Wants You to Know About ‘The Kind Life’

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For many fans, Alicia Silverstone will always be Cher Horowitz. Cher, of course, was her breakout role in the '90s high school film "Clueless." Alicia's Cher, as directed by Amy Heckerling, was a loveable spoiled brat coming of age in Beverly Hills. Her fun catch phrases, such as "as if," are still in circulation today.

These days, however, Alicia is known more for her activism than her acting. The former teen star is a proponent of worthy environmental causes, animal rights, and attachment parenting. She caused quite a stir a couple of months ago when video emerged of her feeding her son Bear Blu, mouth to mouth, like a bird. Her bestselling book about her lifestyle is called "The Kind Life."

Silverstone also maintains a website and blog called "The Kind Life." The site presents tips and advice on eco-friendly, green, and "kind" living. She describes her blog as "a hub to get valuable information and find resources to help make every aspect of your life as kind as possible; not just the food you eat." A true daughter of San Francisco, Alicia aims to leave the planet better than she's found it.

Check out Alicia in her hometown of San Francisco for the Yahoo! Screen original competition series "Plugged In" here!


Here's what she wants you to know about how to live "kinder":

Vegan Sneakers and Shoes

Do your fashion choices deplete the environment or enhance it? Alicia walks her talk as she makes sure that even her shoes are environmentally friendly. She shares vegan shoe and sneaker options on her blog. Christopher Jarecki, Alicia's hubby, even makes a guest appearance to explain his saga of searching for leather-free basketball shoes.

Organic Sodas

Soda has come under fire for being one of the catalysts to an unhealthy lifestyle. In New York City, for example, Mayor Mike Bloomberg seeks to restrict the available sizes of these high calorie beverages. Alicia clues her fans in on an alternative -- organic soda! Lest you think that our healthy guide has some unhealthy habits, she makes sure to point out, "I'm not a soda drinker myself, but it's good to have a go-to list of naturally sweetened, vegan alternatives in situations where soda is called for."

Healthier Weight Loss

As a Hollywood actress, looking good is always on Alicia's radar. She is a vegan, meaning that she avoids all foods that come from animal products. On her site, she shares her opinions on how to detox the body. Of course readers should always check with their own physicians before starting any sort of regimen. Silverstone recommends Raw Green Organics to cleanse the body temple of toxins and impurities. She says that the health method includes "aloe, probiotic, and [a] fiber fix."

Go Alicia!

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