'Alphas' canceled: Why did it fail?

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'Alphas' canceled: Why did it fail?

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ALPHAS -- Season: 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erin Way as Kat, Warren Christie as Cameron Hicks, Azita Ghanizada …

"Alphas" may not be one of those exceptional sci-fi/fantasy shows that is strongly fought for by fans. It was canceled for low ratings, and the fan reaction online is lackluster at best, when compared to other "save my sci-fi show" reactions. The series simply did not have an extremely loyal, devoted fan base. Why is that? Here are a few reasons why the show failed to capture an ardent fan base.

It walked the middle line between sci-fi and drama

"Alphas" was not an intensely sci-fi show. The show was more of a drama about people dealing with problems in their lives. Those problems just happened to be oddball superpowers. While the show sometimes devoted a few episodes here and there to pure sci-fi topics, that was not the main crux of the series. As an interesting drama, the show was pretty good. The problem was that the sci-fi elements could be somewhat unbelievable to someone who is not a fan of sci-fi. But the sci-fi elements also were not strong enough to excite true sci-fi fans and create a dedicated following.

It could have been a better fit on USA Network

The first show to turn USA Network into a standout network was "The 4400." "Alphas" shared many elements with "The 4400." Heck, the USA Network slogan is "Characters welcome." "Alphas" is all about characters! If the show had been on USA and had been just a little less sci-fi, while maintaining its very unique personalities, the show may have been a hit.

It was too tame

The characters of "Alphas" were very interesting, but many of their problems were much too tame. The more emotional scenes throughout the series could have had a greater impact if the characters had more at stake. Rachel, for example, had problems finding a man. Why couldn't she have had a more interesting problem? Actually, even her man problem could have been more interesting if she had handled the situation in an amusing, interesting, or outrageous way. Instead, she just became whiny and annoying.

It has all been done before

The show is similar to both "The 4400" and "Heroes." The biggest strength of "Alphas" was that the characters themselves had strange personalities and weird problems to deal with. The idea is a great one; it could have been much more memorable, but it has all been done and seen before. The series never found a hook to keep viewers tuning in.

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