'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' recap: Cancer and grave robbery make for the craziest twist yet

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Given everything that has happened on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" already, it might be hard to imagine an episode going too far. However, the latest episode might have pushed the envelope further than anything we've seen so far. From faking cancer to robbing graves, this episode certainly had a lot of controversial elements. But despite the fairly grim content, this show still delivered the laughs in a big way. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Charlie's Mom Has Cancer."

Charlie and Mac drop off laundry at his mom's house and wind up with some troubling news. Mrs. Kelly reveals that she is suffering from cancer, which Charlie doesn't quite understand since his mom doesn't smoke. They head to the bar to share the news, but the rest of the gang is too preoccupied to really care. Dennis can't convey any emotion, Dee is obsessed with her psychic, and Frank might be losing his mind. That sets up the two storylines in this episode.

Searching for a cure

Charlie hopes to cure his mom's disease and decides to enlist the services of Mac's mom's doctor, who is brilliantly played by Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. The character, who goes by the name Dr. Jinx, runs his practice out of a garage. He is more interested in earthly remedies than anything else, and Charlie is sure it's a scam. Dennis and Mac agree, but they have their own issues, as well.

Dennis wants to feel emotion again, while Mac has a horrible rash on his arm. After striking out with Dr. Jinx, the three head to church to pray for a cure. Charlie gets frustrated with the way church works, and he thinks that it's a scam, as well. Once again, the others agree, but Dennis gets an idea. He wants to capitalize on the church game by hosting a benefit for Charlie's mom at the bar.

During the beef and beer event, everyone wants to ham it up to get more money for Charlie's mom. Since she doesn't look very sick, Charlie wants her to wear a bald cap and paint legions on her face. Meanwhile, he and Mac prepare a bizarre speech that talks about how she's dying. In an effort to feel emotion, Dennis delivers an impassioned sermon to get people to donate. However, everyone is moved except for him. Later, Charlie's mom begins to read the speech but feels increasingly guilty. She ends up revealing that she doesn't have cancer at all, but that she and Mac's mom had accidentally ruined a church statue. They needed the money to replace it.

Frank, Dee, and the psychic

Dee is certain that Frank is losing his mind, and she keeps tricking him into giving her $100 to visit her psychic. Frank is certain that it's a scam, but he is intrigued when the psychic suggests that his ex-wife might still be alive.

Frank believes that she has money hidden all over the city, and she suggests that he and Dee dig up the body of their dead dog. Surprisingly, Frank and Dee discover a wad of cash in the box where the dog should be buried. This makes them believe that there is tons of cash buried in their mom's grave, so the whole gang decides to dig it up. As it turns out, there's nothing in there but a dead body. Frank was simply getting revenge on Dee for making him think he was losing his mind, and he staged the whole scenario with the psychic. Meanwhile, Dennis finally feels emotion after realizing that he dug up his dead mom's grave.

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