'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' recap: Charlie rules the virtual world!

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Charlie might be the ultimate loser on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," but every once in a while he gets a taste of power. With the help of an online video game, Charlie becomes more powerful than he's ever been. Of course, it doesn't do anything to help his real life. In the recent episode, " Charlie Rules the World," the gang focused more on their online lives than their real lives, much to the chagrin of Dennis.

Dee arrives at the bar looking like a hot mess. While this is nothing new to the guys, they do notice that she looks a little worse than normal. Dee admits that she has been addicted to an online video game and hasn't showered in days. She needs to take a break and offers Charlie $5 to watch her game while she is away. Charlie arrives at Dee's apartment and immediately recognizes that she is living vicariously through the game. Dee has made herself a queen, and she rules over the characters that she made for the rest of the gang. When Dee returns to resume the game, she discovers that Charlie has improved her status. The two decide to team up, and they get married within the game.

Meanwhile, Dennis goes on a rant about the virtual world. He's more interested in having real-life experiences. Mac and Frank are initially interested but change their minds after they go dancing with him in the middle of a day at a wine bar. When a man at the bar recognizes them because of their characters within the game, Mac and Frank decide to get in on the action. Mac makes a character that only wants to get in fights with people, while Frank makes himself into a woman from "The Real Housewives." This angers Dennis, who refuses to get involved in the game.

Before long, Charlie becomes the top player in the entire game. He's become a dictator of sorts, holding power over everyone around him. Eventually, he arranges a real-life meeting with a woman who plays the game. She's sweet and charming, and is happy to socialize with Charlie outside of the game. However, Charlie doesn't care about any of that. He's arranged the meeting so that his character can steal from the woman's character in the game. The angry woman douses him in fruit punch, but Charlie only feels more power.

Eventually, Frank organizes a strange party with some of his followers on the game. While attending the party, Charlie finds out that Mac and Dee have teamed up to overthrow him. He explains that they ruined his entire plan, and Charlie eventually kicks everyone out of the apartment. At that point, Dennis shows up and tells everyone that he's erased their characters. After a virtual experience of his own, he believes that he's a god (not surprisingly). This gives him power over everyone else, and he erases their characters because he hates the game. With that, the gang returns to their sordid reality.

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