'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' recap: Frank gets back to business

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The latest episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was pretty heavy on Frank. Throughout his time on the show, it's been clear that Frank has a lot of money. But for the first time, viewers got to see what he was like in an actual work environment. Not surprisingly, he has a strange view of the corporate world. Meanwhile, Dennis is up to his diabolical ways when he assumes the identity of a mysterious businessman. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "Frank's Back in Business."

Frank's back to work

When Atwater, the company that Frank founded, is in danger of getting bought out, he is brought back to save it. Frank is a legendary businessman, and his colleagues have dubbed him "the warthog." When he gets the call, he enlists the help of Charlie in restoring the business glory he once had. Both guys slick back their hair and sport clothes that resemble what Gordon Gekko wore in the 1987 classic "Wall Street." Frank wastes little time getting back into his groove and even fires an office assistant after he can't fix a paper jam. Meanwhile, Charlie struggles to understand what exactly Frank's company does. It seems that they just make money, and Frank isn't really sure of what Atwater actually creates.

Frank and Charlie set up a meeting with some Asian investors, but things start off awkwardly when Charlie inadvertently insults their accents. Frank is forced to fire Charlie, who is still confused about what he was doing in the first place. Later in the episode, Frank is speaking at the shareholder meeting about the passion he has for Atwater. He's interrupted when Mac and Charlie rush in to make a major announcement.

Before they do that, they show a commercial they made for an alcoholic, milk-based energy drink designed for bodyguards. Once that falls on deaf ears, they reveal that the company's top investor is actually dead. Panic ensues, but Frank is still ready to rally everyone around the company; however, he receives a phone call and promptly announces that Atwater is gone. It turns out that Frank dissolved the company and sold it to the Asians, thus making a ton of money in the process. Charlie is once again confused, but Frank eases his mind by expressing interest in the energy drink that he and Mac invented.

A case of mistaken identity

Dennis, Dee, and Mac find a wallet in Paddy's that belongs to a guy named Brian LeFevre. Not only that, but they also find tickets for a private box at a Phillies game. When they arrive in the box, Dennis realizes that they will need a plan since there will likely be other people there. Sure enough, two guys arrive and immediately mistake Dennis for LeFevre. He plays along, and it turns out that the guys are hoping to coax LeFevre into agreeing to a business deal. Dee pretends to be Prudence LeFevre, while Mac plays the role of the bodyguard. Dennis can't resist the idea of having these guys try and woo him for an entire week and gives a passionate speech about "getting off" on the whole idea. Both Mac and Dee are confused, but Dennis is committed to the plan. Mac bails out when he and Dennis see a young Asian man that they believe is there to provide sexual services, but Dennis still wants to see how far he can go. Fortunately for him, the Asian boy is merely a golf caddy, not a prostitute.

Things eventually come to a head when it's revealed that LeFevre is the top investor in Atwater. Dennis arrives at the shareholder meeting, and the guys are hoping that he will sell them his stock. Of course, his plan is ruined when Mac and Charlie reveal that the real LeFevre is dead, which brings the main stories from the episode together. Dennis doesn't seem to mind and mentions to Dee that he "got off" on the whole thing, including the death of the real LeFevre.

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