'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' recap: A throwback to past episodes

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The latest episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was essentially a throwback episode. Instead of doing a traditional clip show, fans got an entirely new episode that focused on old ideas. Always a scheming group, the gang comes up with a series of plans that are basically second attempts at things they already tried. There were a lot of references to old episodes, and that gave fans a little something extra to enjoy. Here is a recap of the latest episode, " The Gang Recycles Their Trash."

The new plot

After trash continues to pile up as the result of a garbage strike, the gang vents their frustrations about the garbage men. Everyone decides that something needs to be done, and a plan is put into motion. The leader of the plan seems to be Frank, who sits the four down in the bar to explain everything. Basically, the guys will repeat what they previously did with the gas crisis. The idea is to rent a van and essentially pick up trash door-to-door, and then dump it in New Jersey. Meanwhile, he wants Dee to seduce a city official in order to get a garbage contract. All of these are ploys that the gang has tried before, and they all failed; however, Frank ensures them that they didn't work in the past because they didn't listen to him. Reluctantly, everyone agrees to do it Frank's way.

The guys and the trash

It doesn't take long for everyone to stop listening to Frank. The guys are skeptical about being garbage men in a van, so they opt to wear tuxes and drive in a limo instead. When it comes to knocking on doors, they decide to use a song instead of a simple sales pitch. However, the first resident is so thrilled that someone will take her trash that she happily forks over $200. The three continue to rake in money by picking up trash but decide to switch gears by selling gas once again. Before they can do that, they have to get rid of the trash in the city. While doing that, they are viewed as scabs by the garbage union. The gas plan hits a snag when the rioters destroy ruin the limo.

Frank and Dee's bribery attempt

Meanwhile, Frank doesn't think that Dee has dressed dirty enough. It turns out not to matter because the city official turns out to be the gay man who once tried to buy Paddy's Pub. Frank and Dee take the man to a male strip club and continue to try to negotiate a new contract. That attempt doesn't go well, even with Frank pointing a gun at the man.

Later, Frank and Dee attempt to interfere at a union rally. Frank fails to get through to the workers, and Dee ends up making everything about race. Not surprisingly, they fail to get the contract. They join the rest of the gang at the bar, where they talk about ending the plan. Charlie rallies them to keep trying, but it's really just a chance for him to be the wild card. For the second time in the series, he cuts the brakes on the van with everyone in it.

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