'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Recap: Zombie Attack at the Ponderosa Wedding

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The latest episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" was told in flashbacks, something that has been a successful formula for this show in the past. The episode opens with the gang sitting in an interrogation room. Their clothes are ripped and bloody, and an agitated cop is determined to get answers. What ensues is a story involving a wedding, a psychotic stalker, and a zombie attack. This episode delivered a clever way to present Halloween without ever mentioning the holiday. Everything worked well, and it's clear that "Sunny" is as strong as ever.

The set-up

Dennis's former wife Maureen Ponderosa is about to get remarried. If that's not big enough, she is tying the knot with Liam McPoyle, the gang's biggest rival. This is too big of an event for any of the five to pass up, so they all decide to crash it for different reasons. Dennis wants to make sure the wedding happens so that he doesn't have to pay alimony anymore. Frank is there in defense of Liam's brother Ryan, who doesn't want the wedding to happen. It seems that Ryan is upset because the McPoyle family has not bred outside of their own bloodline for a thousand years. Charlie and Mac are there to support Dennis, while Dee has joined Frank on his mission.

Dennis's quest for signatures

Dennis needs both Maureen and Liam to sign a document freeing him of alimony, but he's having some issues. First, he sees that Maureen has not only fixed her teeth, but also enhanced her breasts. He's clearly excited about this but stays on course with his mission. Unfortunately, Maureen's bridesmaids stop him from getting her signature. He turns his attention to Liam, who has made peace with Ryan. Liam signs the document, and Dennis is halfway through his mission.

Later in the episode, he informs his friends that he did something really bad. It turns out that the cop is investigating Maureen's disappearance, and he believes that Dennis killed her. Dennis eventually confesses, but not to a murder. He admits that he slept with Maureen. It turned out to be an awful experience for him, but Maureen becomes obsessed with him again. Dennis tries to run away, but she says she will find him. At the end of the episode, she appears at the police station to bail Dennis out. Much to his horror, it looks like Maureen is back in his life to stay.

The zombie attack

While Dennis is on his mission, the rest of the gang struggles with the strange McPoyle family. As if the large clan wasn't weird enough, things take an ugly turn when Charlie, Mac, and Frank believe that they are being attacked by zombies. They start trying to attack everyone, and someone even tries to eat Liam's face. Mac and Charlie also believe that Dee is infected and decide to lock her in the freezer. She resurfaces at the police station, where she informs the police that the outbreak happened because Maureen's brother spiked the milk with bath salts. She also says that she wasn't infected, but was just angry because Mac and Charlie destroyed another one of her cars.
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