'American Horror Story: Asylum': Analyzing Lana Winters journey

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There have been many disappointing episodes of "American Horror Story: Asylum," but Wednesday night's was definitely not one of them. After a slow start, with much alien weirdness, the episode flicked back to the story of Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson). After writing her "memoirs" about her time at Briarcliff and her escape from Bloody Face, she is now a superstar with many women looking up to her and admiring her strength. However, the Lana we got to know inside the asylum isn't entirely the same Lana the world got to know through her book. Let's take a look at the ways she changed after her release from Briarcliff.

When Lana first walked into the asylum, it was as a journalist. Her plan was to expose the atrocities inside Briarcliff's walls and get the place shut down so patients wouldn't have to suffer at the hands of sadistic Sister Jude (Jessica Lange). Unfortunately, she found herself committed to the asylum herself, just for being gay.

The whole time she was inside, she managed to stay strong. The only thing getting her through was her firm belief that she would eventually get out and write her book. Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) became her friend, promising to bust her out because he knew she wasn't crazy. He stuck to his word, but this was not for the best. While Lana was locked up, Thredson had kidnapped and killed her lover, and was revealed to be the mass murderer, Bloody Face.

While imprisoned in Thredson's basement, Lana learned the true meaning of crazy and evil. She was raped while also being turned into Thredson's substitute mother. Again, she broke free but ended right back inside Briarcliff after she was found wandering the streets after a car accident caused by the man who picked her up when she hitchhiked. Further misery came when she found out she was carrying Thredson's baby, which she unsuccessfully tried to abort.

Every time something terrible happened to Lana, a glimmer of compassion for others began to show through. By the time she truly did get out of the asylum forever, she vowed to help rescue Sister Jude, the woman who locked her up in the first place.

Now, we have a very confusing version of Lana Winters. On the surface, she seems very much over her trauma and playing the part of the celebrity very well. When she was reading an excerpt from her book, it became clear she was all about dramatic effect instead of telling the truth about what happened to her. When Kit (Evan Peters) visited her, Lana made it crystal clear that she'd built a new life for herself and didn't want reminders of the past. Although she was happy to see Kit, her desire was to keep moving forward.

But there is still hope for the softer side of Lana. Her demons literally popped up to confront her, including Thredson's anger about how she lied and her girlfriend's hurt that she cut their relationship right out of her book. The guilt is still buried deep within her, and after Kit told her Jude is still alive, Lana has a chance to make things right.

With just one more episode left of this season, will Lana honor her promise to rescue her former torturer or will she go on living a life of luxury, never having to face up to her lies?

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