'American Horror Story: Asylum': Analyzing the major character deaths

Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden die in the episode 'Spilt Milk'

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"American Horror Story: Asylum" revealed two major character deaths on Wednesday night's episode, "Spilt Milk." Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) met her demise at the hands of Monsignor Timothy Howard (Joseph Fiennes), and Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) ended his own life. Both of these characters had huge roles in the show, so based on how important they were, did they really have a fitting ending?

Sister Mary Eunice

The sweet, kind-hearted nun we first met at the start of the season vanished with hardly a trace when she was possessed by the devil. Sister Mary Eunice became all kinds of warped, contributing to the takedown of Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), taking the innocence of Monsignor Howard, and messing with Dr. Arden's head -- to name a few. Along the way, Sister Jude tried hard to exorcise Sister Mary Eunice's demon, but it proved way too strong for her. Ultimately, it was the Monsignor who solved Briarcliff's demon problem by throwing Sister Mary Eunice from a great height, watching her plummet to her death.

There was a moment right before she died when the real Sister Mary Eunice returned, begging to be set free. However, while the scene of her falling to the ground was quite incredible to watch, something far more dramatic might have been more fitting. The level of tension that built throughout the season suggested the end of the possessed nun would also be the end of the season -- with a huge, intense battle to bring things to a close. It was almost anti-climatic to see her taken out in such a simple way.

Dr. Arden

Right from the beginning, there was obviously something wrong about Arden -- talk about creepy vibe. He spoke to Sister Jude with zero respect and was super secretive about his laboratory. In his evil lair, he happily killed off the patients in the asylum and/or performed weird experiments on them. He was later revealed to be a Nazi, which he strenuously denied, but the proof came from Anne Frank herself! Overall, Arden was one of the most hated people within the walls of Briarcliff. Arden began to let a glimmer of humanity slither through his mean exterior when he developed feelings for Sister Mary Eunice. Again, he chose to deny it, but he was extremely fond of the formerly timid beauty.

His realization that his experiments had reached an end led him to attempt to end his life by shooting himself. He failed, but after Sister Mary Eunice's death, he asked to cremate her, then slipped into the furnace with her.

The scream he let out as flames engulfed him was sort of heartbreaking. Although he was, without a doubt, a monster, his choice to end his own life in such a brutal way seemed like poetic justice after the torment he inflicted on so many others. If he had to leave the show, it was a memorable and fitting way for him to go.

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