'American Horror Story: Asylum' finale: Who survived the horrors of Briarcliff?

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After an eventful and haunting second season, "American Horror Story: Asylum" has aired its final episode. There's no denying, the last two episodes were packed with drama, not to mention the usual end-of-season death spree. So, who survived and who met a sticky end? Let's take a look!

Kit Walker

Poor Kit Walker went through it all: outcast by society for marrying outside his race, abducted by aliens, falsely imprisoned in Briarcliff for being a murderer, impregnated a fellow patient -- and that was just during the first half of the season! After both of Kit's wives were brought back from the dead, along with their miracle babies, further tragedy was in store when his women both met a tragic end -- for good this time.

Kit raised his two children alone for some time, before heading back into the asylum to rescue Sister Jude. He had a good life with them, until he developed terminal pancreatic cancer. While he was at home alone one day, he mysteriously vanished -- never to be seen again. Frankly, the alien story was a bizarre plot we could have done without. It wasn't explained, and all it did was add an unbelievable dimension to a show which was actually grounded in reality. Kit deserved a much better end than he was given.

Sister Jude

Sister Jude's (Jessica Lange) transition from the head of Briarcliff to resident in the asylum was tough to watch. She ruled her patients with little to no compassion, but she could never have foreseen it would be her fate to be treated the way she once treated others. Lucky for her, Kit Walker (Evan Peters) couldn't bear to see her left to rot.

He rescued her and took her to live in his farmhouse. After a shaky start, Jude's insanity was somehow cured by Kit's children, and they all lived a very happy life for a while. Sadly, the lady who fought off the Angel of Death (Francis Conroy) many times ran out of steam. After an illness, Jude allowed herself to accept the fateful kiss that would end her life. It was both heartbreaking and poetic to see her slip away. No matter how evil Jude was at certain times, it was hard not to feel for her during her suffering.

Monsignor Timothy Howard

The Monsignor (Joseph Fiennes) was quite the complex character. His unwavering belief that he was always acting for the greater good was eventually what led to his demise. He lied, allowed patients in Briarcliff to be killed, went back on his word, and did all he could to get ahead. And he really did get ahead. However, after being confronted by Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson), he couldn't carry the guilt anymore, and he took his own life.


Johnny (Dylan McDermott), the son of Lana and Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto), was a late addition to the show. He appeared in the present day, twisted with hatred for the mother who gave him up and full of admiration for the father who murdered so many women. It was his dream to make his late father proud and end his mother's life.

The confrontation between Johnny and Lana was beautiful. Underneath their words, Johnny's inner innocence shone through, and for a moment, Lana's maternal instinct kicked in. Or so it seemed. She used Johnny's weakness to talk him down and steal his gun, before brutally shooting him right in the head.

Lana Winters

Yup, the stubborn, hard-headed, single-minded Lana Winters was the sole survivor of Briarcliff. There's no denying she fought hard to keep her sanity after being locked up, drugged, tortured, and raped. It was her determination that got her through the trauma, but outside the asylum, she was all about the fame. The changes in her were shown in a flashback to her first appearance in Briarcliff. While she was always a determined, confident woman who wanted to make a name for herself, she also had bright-eyed innocence. Understandably, that was lost after all she went through, but it was really difficult to like her after the lies she told.

It seems to have become the norm for the majority of the characters to die at the end of each season of "American Horror Story." Perhaps it's for dramatic effect, or maybe it's a way for viewers to say goodbye to the old characters before the actors come back again as different people. As Season 2 has drawn to a close, all we can do now it sit back and wait for the speculation about Season 3 to begin!

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