'American Horror Story: Asylum' recap: 'Dark Cousin' brings on more gore and revelations

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After a much slower normal episode last week (although still pretty terrific), "American Horror Story: Asylum" returned with another overstuffed game changer. "Dark Cousin" had plenty going on, but the most significant was the return of Francis Conroy (the older half of Moira) guest-starring as the Dark Angel. Her appearance had a significant impact on several of the characters, while allowing the story to finally answer a few burning questions we've had. What happened? Read on to find out.

Cousins, not-so-identical cousins

Sister Mary Eunice (the incredible Lily Rabe) is still possessed, but now it seems that even the devil fears something, or someone as it may be. After a patient slices himself on the wrist and summons the Dark Angel, Sister Mary Eunice confronts her "cousin" and orders her to leave. The Dark Angel is curious as to why the fallen angel is at Briarcliff and vows that they will meet up again. This leaves the wonderfully evil nun a bit shaken, but not for long, since she still has work to do. Apparently, that involves taking over Briarcliff from Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) and Dr. Arden (James Cromwell), throwing the latter against the wall in order to show her dominance. Why does she want this? It is still not quite clear, but somehow it might still involve Kit (Evan Peters).

Free at last, wait, not so fast

Poor Lana. After wishing for death to come, she changes her mind and decides that death can wait. She wants to take down Bloody Face (Zachary Quinto) first and almost succeeds after he rapes her. But as luck would have it, Lana runs into another male with woman issues; a jilted lover whose wife cheated on him. As he is driving, the man pulls out a gun and takes it to his head, causing a horrific car crash. Lana survives but is once again taken to Briarcliff, where she comes face-to-face with Sister Eunice. As much as we want her to take down Bloody Face, it was a bit hard to swollow that so much misfortune could happen to one person, even in a show such as this.

Who are you again?

Sister Jude is still with the Nazi hunter, who Sister Eunice left for dead during the last episode. Sister Jude tries to call the police, but Eunice had a present waiting for her on the TV that reminds Jude why she can't speak to them. The phone rings and against better judgment, Sister Jude picks up. Sister Eunice is on the other line and basically threatens Jude to stay away from Briarcliff. She also has left a couple of presents on the table, one being a razor. Jude contemplates using the razor, which once again summons the Dark Angel. Jude is ready to die, but she has one more thing to do.

In a truly wonderful scene, Jessica Lange perfectly captured the nervousness and emotion that someone with a huge confession would be feeling when it was time to come clean. Luckily, she wouldn't have to, because the girl in the blue coat is still alive. Sister Jude ran her down, but Mitzi only suffered a few broken bones. Hopefully the conflicted sister takes this a sign that all hope is not lost and returns to face off against Sister Eunice.

I'm ready

Grace is very sick from an infection brought on by a botched sterilization surgery. Dr. Arden swears that it wasn't him, but Eunice and everyone else does not believe him. He decides to make her better, but only so she can set the record straight. Grace is ready to die at this point, but when Kit comes to her rescue after escaping police custody, she changes her mind. Too bad she takes a bullet from the guard who aimed for Kit. The Dark Angel returned once again, appearing to have taken Grace with her. Hopefully this is not the end of her, since there is still so much left between her and Kit.

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